About us

My name is Konstantin Gavrylenko and I am the CEO of WOXAPP Company. In this section I would like to tell you more about our company.

«WOXAPP is a company that develops mobile applications and web projects (websites, online stores).

What separates us from the rest is the detailed development of each project with regards to its usability and intuitiveness.

The WOXAPP Company is focused on serious server development and development of mobile applications. We have 5 years of experience in creating e-commerce websites, online stores and implementing successful internet promotion campaigns.

WOXAPP: one day in the life office

These are the main reasons why our international clients choose to work with us:

• We have been working successfully with the clients from the United States, Germany, Russia, Vietnam and other countries. Due to our knowledge of the latest trends in web development and understanding of European mentality, we easily find a common ground with all of our clients.

• Everything is in-house
You do not need to look for a designer in one company and a talented developer in another. We solve everything in one place, within our team.

• Guarantees and understandable terms
All the terms of each project are detailed in a contract agreement. Before we start work you will know of all the stages of the project, each stage will be agreed with you, and yet you will not waste your time solving technical problems. We offer you all possible solutions and then agree them with you.

• The cost of our services will not shock you
Thanks to an optimized employee structure and our geographical location in Dnipropetrovsk, our prices do not shock our clients.

We work on complex projects. For example, a project WORDWOX created by our team allows you to save text as audio and then listen to those audio files on any device.

Our Team
Sales Manager
Technical Director
Art Director
Android Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Content manager
UX Designer
iOS Developer
UX Designer
Our clients get the best ideas and proven technologies

We have a strong team, because we have worked hard to build it. We created all necessary conditions for comfortable work environment: large and spacious office, a kitchen, a break room.

Our team members get the best of the best. We participate in conferences, trainings, online seminars on web development, building interfaces and web design.

For example, Sergei Koksharov audited our work on SEO, website promotion and usability (devaka.ru, TOP 1 ranking SEO-Blog on Russian internet in 2012 according to a specialized magazine.)


We are actively studying internet marketing tools. For example, Dmitry Kozlov confirmed his knowledge of Google Adwords by getting a certificate from Google.


We visit the most important events in the field of Internet marketing and web development: iFORUM 2013, IDCEE 2011, Copywriting 2011 (Moscow), SMM.UA 2012 and others.


We are especially proud of our collective intelligence in a form of a library with more than 300 books (all books are not older than 2010).



In addition, of course, we organize team building events, have fun together.


Our team:


This is our team. To see the level of our work you can check out our portfolio.
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