Development WORDWOX service


Description: this service allows vocalizing all text formats of documents. WORDWOX is a system that lets you listen to text.


The mission of the project: to vocalize all text files.

The task for the development team: to create a functionality that would vocalize text files and save them as audio files.
Development period: 6 months
Budget: 30,000 USD

Website address:



We start with analyzing the target audience. We identify the following groups:
• Users of web resources that need to listen to the text.
• Motorists (to listen in the car: news from websites, articles, books) and people on the road (on public transport, in cars, pedestrians).
• People with disabilities (blind).
• Office workers, who want to work while listening to the news.
• Students who will be able to listen to lectures.

We started looking for competitors. Hundreds of different "vocalizers" with interfaces and functionality from the 90s.


Google Translator as well has a vocalization functionality.

Next, we define the objects of textual information for listening:
• Texts on the Web (for example, news and articles on different websites);
• Text files (books, lectures).

We aimed at not only vocalizing text, but at saving files as well.


Technical implementation

The functional core of the project is a commercial secret, and we don’t have the right to disclose it. We will just say that this phase of the project took up most of the development time.

We will only describe those technical solutions that we were able to implement. The first thing we did was vocalizing text.


On the website

A user that came to the WORWOX website can listen to a text file by copying it to the window for text vocalizing.

The user has the ability to choose the voice that would read the text and the reading speed.

WORDWOX on other websites

Any website owner can insert WORDWOX code on their site, and the users can listen to their text materials.
WORDWOX button is installed either before or after the article / text information that is intended for listening.

The code is simple:


This is how it would look on a website:

WORDWOX can read selected text (of part of the text) by clicking the "Listen" button before / after the text block.

It would have been easy, but text on any website is also a html code, so we had to teach WORDWOX to separate text from other elements.

• doesn’t read links, image titles;
• verbally indicates video while continuing to read text that comes after it;
• knowing where the picture in located within the text, WORDWOX continues reading text that comes after the picture;
• identifies headings of different levels, identifies lists;
• identifies tags and metadata that is contained in the code of the text information.
Saving text to audio
We are proud that we have managed to make it possible to save the text into audio.

The user can convert a text file of any size into the mp3 format and listen to it. It is very convenient.



After four months of working on the technical part, we began working on the design of the website, the player and other items.

Designing the player, working on different formats


Create a logo for the project

Looking for an idea for the logo. We like the idea with headphones because it shows strength.


Sketching different versions:


We end up choosing the last one:


Next we compose the site, develop registration and authorization through different social networks.
Also we implemented an internal office, where the user can create a code with a unique id-number for only one website.


Testing and delivery

Next we test and deliver part of the functionality. The next stage is creating mobile applications and extensions for browsers.


People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Konstantin Gavrylenko
Internet marketing: Marat Shaluhin
Designer: Egor Tkachenko
Web engineer: Vladimir Nikolaenko
Web engineer: Bogdan Korda
Web engineer: Nikita Stepanenko

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