OS Android: how much it costs to develop applications

The rapidly growing popularity of various mobile applications for entertainment or business confirms the effectiveness and relevance for consumersonce again. And the question of the cost of the development of mobile applications for Android is the first thing that IT-companies customers are interested in. All customers around the world are looking for developers which can offer a quality product at a relatively low price. Let's calculate how much could cost the mobile application development in Ukraine, United Kingdom or United States. Will the preliminaryprice, paid at the end of the works, be different for Android smartphones and tablets?

The cost of mobile applications development around the world

Price of Android app

Any mobile application needs to be profitable. In fact,these investments are obliged to bring benefits and cover the costs. That is why it is important to estimate the cost of app developmentbefore the work starts.

It is not new to heat, that first you should find great quality experts, and only then to be interested in price. But even if you are 100% sure of the profitability of your idea, do not rush to give the orders to the companies, which give high prices. The expression "high price = good quality" is not always true. And therefore you should search, learn, compare.

Prices on app development in different countries are different, the same with average hourly rate of developers-freelancers. According to specialized web-resources, in 2014 the average rate wasthe following:

  • $50-150 per hour for developers in United States and Australia.
  • €60-70 per hour for IT-specialists in Western Europe, and note, you have to make a payment in Euros. UK developers evaluate their services only in sterling, 60 -70 £ per hour.
  • For $ 25-50 a similar work is provided in Eastern Europe.
  • For hourly rate of $ 8 -30 you can order mobile app from the developers in India.

Outsourcing or work with the locals?

OS Android: how much it cost

You can order the development of applications from the local specialists, if it fits your budget and you are convenient with the price.The advantages are live chat, some nuances of the projectcan be discussed freely at any time, a phased control of process and a clear understanding of who and for what you are paying.

On the other hand, it is more profitable to give the order of app development to outsourcing. In any countries it is not difficult to find a company with the necessary experience and skills that you can trust. You can contact them and control the work remotely. The advantages are low cost together with excellent quality.

In this case, it is important to understand what the final cost of app development consist of.

The final price of Android-application development depends on the complexity

price of android apps

The total cost of the product depends on how difficult the task is for developers and how much time will be needed for its implementation. It is clear that each application is unique, but in general they can be classified by the level of design and feature set:

  1. The app with the basic functionality can be done in 300 hours.
  2. The app of average complexity - in 400-600 hours.
  3. To complete the app, such as social network, require time-consuming more than 600 hours.

To calculate the preliminary size of investments, just multiply the number of hours of work on average rate ofdevelopers. The formation of the cost of applications on the Android platform is also influenced by the degree of programmers’ qualification. The higher the skills and experience the more expensive project will be.

In addition, it is worth considering the cost of graphic design, such as the icon of app, logo, and the design of user interface.

The features of the apps on Android platform

The development process of applications for devices running on Android platform requires more time than for iOS.

It is difficult to work with Android due to variety of devices and screen sizes.

More than 60 companies in the world produce different smartphones, tablets and phablets exactly for Android OS.

The main stages of Android app development

The whole process can be divided into several stages:

  • Estimation (1-3 days)
  • The study of the problem, market analysis and competitors (1-5 days)
  • Prototyping. Writing of technical specifications (5-15 days)
  • Design (5-15 days)
  • Programming part (18-60 + days)
  • Testing (5-10 days)

Development and improvement of the application

The development and launch applications is just the beginning of a long collaboration. To make your investments cost-effective youhave to monitor the rating of app in the store, expand and improve it, until you reach a satisfactory result.

You could check if the application is useful for users, if consumers liked it, is it included into the top downloads or not, in at least 1-2 months. So the cost of maintenance, development and improvement of the application must be added to the final costs.

The cost estimation of applications

cost of estimation of apps

The specialists of IT-companies will definitely make the preliminary estimation of the budget for the development. But it will be a rough calculation, which often indicates the minimum and maximum cost of the project. Preliminary it is difficult to estimate the volume of works at each stage, that’s why the estimation is providing twice.

  1. Preliminary evaluation, a rough estimate allows to set the required amount of investment you need to create an app before signing any agreements. It is providing during the 3 days and it requires no charges from the client side.
  2. Exact evaluation of the cost of mobile app development is mentioned in the contract, which contains timing and stages with the detailed description of results.

It is happening that in the development process of unique applications you need to add or to cancel some of the functions and this can affect the total cost.

It is good, if company has developed apps with similar functions before, as in this case, the estimation of new app will be more accurate.

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