The application for (iPad)

The task for the development team: to create an iPad application for online store


Studying the existing applications

Our apps replace the online store apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

The interface was completely new, so we could not rely on the experience of existing applications.

Tverdohleb Julia, project manager.


The task of app is to sell the products in the most convenient way and to simplify the process of buying.

The client also noted slow work of legacy applications.

Lialin Maxim, internet marketer.


Studying the target audience

Our TA are women between 18 and 45 years and men 23 to 35 years. People of moderate and high income. The most active buyers are in the age of 24-35 years.

Men buy purposefully on the list (for example, white bed of the mentioned brand). They are inclined to the purchase of goods close to the gadgets and cars.

Now 94% of all buyers are residents of Moscow and the districts. The other regions are in the process of developing.


Analyzing the apps in other stores

Applications are mostly very similar to each other. As a rule, they are working on a similar scenario. Even in relatively large online stores.

Lialin Maxim, internet marketer.


Making a prototype

Сreating the navigation and app architecture.

Working on the flow of goods, place the accents.

Deciding what to show on the product page to submit information favorably.

Working on other pages.


We decided basic colors when making this app for iPhone. IPad has more "space", so there was a work on the arrangement of color accents.

Aleksandr Kononenko, designer.


The most prominent element on the product page should be button "Buy".


The headlines in the sidebar allow to structure menu visually. Working on the filter of products.

Filling the void with graphic elements.

Coordinating the design of pages with the customer.


Application development

Main features of the application:

  • Downloading data from the site: reviews, payment and delivery, descriptions and characteristics of the goods and others.
  • Changing image and price of the goods depending on the options.
  • Filtering of products by price and options.
  • Products sorting.
  • Saving the data entered by user.
  • Purchase history.
  • Viewing history.
  • Favorites.
  • Authorization through social networks.
  • Sharing.

Dmitry Moskalenko, technical director.


Project team:

Project Manager: Yulia Tverdohleb
Internet marketing manager: Lialin Maxim
Designer: Alexander Kononenko
Art director: Artem Schap
Technical director: Dmitry Moskalenko
Developer: Bogdan Corda
Developer: Alexander Kolesnik



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