The application for (iPhone)

The task for the development team:​ to create an iPhone application for online baby-store

Gathering functional requirements:

  • 13,000 items, not considering modifications and coloring.
  • The options of the item.
  • The items are marked with labels: sales (discount), gifts, top 100 (best buy for 30 days), the guarantee (if any pdf file), our choice.
  • Items in the set, may be presented separately.
  • The priority of items.
  • For regular customers a 3% discount is available (from the second purchase).
  • Regarding the delivery, Russia is in the priority. Delivery to the regions is made through courier services. New delivery points will be added.

Tverdohleb Julia, project manager.

Market analysis of mobile applications

For the analysis the apps with a unique structure founded on request "shop", “kids staff”, “online store” in the App Store were selected. The main accent is on the iPhone, as it’s more difficult to present the product favorably on it considering the screen size.

Some online stores offer applications with a fixed menu at the bottom or without it.

The menu mostly includes such elements as shopping cart, catalog, sales, profiles, search, home page.

Lialin Maxim, internet marketing manager


For applications with large categories the combination of fixed menu with the sliding is used. Sliding menu contains more useful links and it does not affect the content.

Most applications do not have implemented filtration of products, only few of them contains it

Item Card is one of the most difficult screens. The main problem is the complexity of representation and an abundance of information, which is impossible to place in one screen.

These problems can be solved in different ways, you can split the information on the tabs or other pages and give the links. Item Card is highly dependent on the product and features of the choice.


Prototype development

Screen sizes are limited, and the info about items were taken out on the separate pages.

Shopping cart and order processing. The ordering process considers the process of delivery and payment for different regions. We offer our customers the courier services and payment options that are available only in his city.

Shopping cart and order processing is a complex process that requires large forms filling. We simplify it by reducing the number of required fields, pulling data from the site and entering the default values.

Lialin Maxim, internet marketing manager


When the workspace is limited, such minor pages as "About the online store", "Contact Information" and others can be put to Sidebar.

The filters were decided to make moving. This solution allows to make it as functional as on the site.

Working with all pages.

Modeling the key pages.



Here are some stylistic solutions for the customer to choose from, the advantages and disadvantages.

Aleksandr Kononenko, designer.





The whole design of the app is 34 screens. 


App development

Some features of the technical realization:

 - Pulling the reviews, specifications, descriptions, videos and other information from the site
 - The history of viewed products as a convenient solution when you are working with the catalog in the 9000 items.
 - Filtration of items in terms of functionality equal to the analogues on site.
 - Favorites.
 - The ordering saved previously entered data.
 - Authorization through social networks.
 - Purchase history.
 - Live Search.



Project team: 

Project Manager: Yulia Tverdohleb
Art Director: Artem Schap
Internet marketing manager: Lialin Maxim
Designer: Alexander Kononenko
Technical Director: Dmitry Moskalenko
Developer: Bogdan Corda



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