How Much Does It Cost to Build an iOS App

According to the results of 1st quarter 2015, iOS platform is running on the 13.6% of all purchased mobile devices. The operating system developed by Apple, takes the second place by popularity, and accordingly there is a high demand for the creation of various applications for iPhone and iPad.

Mobile applications are most widely used in business, mass media, advertising and social network. And if we talk about business, iOS platform devices are often usedfor the optimization of corporate communication.

And it is explicable whencustomers are concerned about how much is the development of iOS applications.

Price of application development for iPhone and iPad

All programmers around the world are capable to create a commercially profitable or free iOS app. Buteventhe developer with years of experiencewill not be able to give clear answer about the cost. So what is the reason?

The formation of priceis influenced by several factors, and the main is the rate per hour of IT-specialists. The rates are formed according to the professional level and experience of development company or programmers, the competition in the industry and the location. For example,the services for the development in Switzerland will cost more than in Romania with the same level of quality.

So think about how to work, with local IT-companies or outsourcers? You need also to discover the world prices.

Here are private study data of Elance platform IT-market. Individual freelancers and outsourcing IT-companies put a different hourly rate of product development.

That’s why market researchers advise to make a choice of the serving company, based on the optimum combination of price and quality:

  • In Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Armenia freelancers and companies take $31-40 per hour or higher. They have the most optimal combination of price and quality.
  • In the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) the professionals areworking in the price range of $41-50 per hour or more.
  • The countries of Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, and others) you can order the development of applications for about $40 per hour.
  • IT-specialists of the Balkan Peninsula also have good reputation, the price range $31-40 per hour (Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia) and $41-50 per hour (Croatia, Greece, Slovenia).
  • In Scandinavia the average price of IT-services is $39-55 per hour.
  • In the countries of Central and Western Europe (UK, Ireland) high price is asking for the quality - $51-100 per hour.
  • Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal) high-quality IT-services will cost about $50 per hour.

Lower prices can be achieved by cooperation with the experts from India or Eastern Europe. And is it advisable to select an individual freelancer or hire a company? Of course, the professionalservices of one specialist are cheaper, but with the condition of full competence.

The advantages and features of iOS applications

The iOS apps use Objective C language and they have several features. The first is app integration with the existing informational systems. Among the advantages of iOS apps are:

  • High functionality and interactive features. IOS app can fully replace stationary devices by its functionality.
  • Easy access to the app. Through intuitive and beautiful screen icons you can open any program in one click.
  • Friendly interface, simple and easy navigation. The programming of iOS appsisfocused on the display sizes of Apple mobile gadgets.

You can create four types of apps for iPhone and iPad: enterprise, content, games and utilities. The purpose and type of device (smartphone or tablet) determine the type of app.

The cost of iOS app depends on its complexity

The size of the project depends on will the following features be used for its developmentor not:

  • design with animation;
  • layout;
  • unique custom solutions that require technical studies;
  • the number and scale of the changes made in the development process

To create the project programmer spends a certain time, the simple the project - the faster the implementation. To calculate the preliminary price, multiply the hourly rate of IT-specialist on the development time.

By functionality, applications are divided into basic, intermediate and difficult. Estimated cost is below:

  1. Creating a simple application for the iPhone with basic functionality takes up 2 months at a cost of $5 000-10 000.
  2. Work on complex applications will take more than 2 months and will cost $12000-24 000.
  3. The development of apps for iPad, iPhone of highly complexity with an extensive database and excellent design can last more than 6 months, and the cost would be $30 000-50 000.

Design is important in creating of iPhone applications

Do you have time to track the development of mobile technologies and the release of new models of iOS smartphones? Meanwhile, this fact is important to consider in the process of iPhone applications development.

This question is particularly relevant at the stage of design. New models of Apple devices have RetinaHDdisplays with a very high density of pixels, and a flawless display of apps.

Original and unusual design solutions always distinguished the products of Apple. The design of iPhone applications is characterized by simplicity and high accuracy. So if you want to succeed – follow the trends.

It is desirable that the icon at any screen, and then all the pages look attractive, beautiful, spectacular.

To avoid image distortion and fuzziness in iOS you need to controlif the correct expansion of design model is chosen, and if the drawing all the elements with reference to the pixel grid is correct.

This approach will help to reduce the cost of modelsrework, as well as to reduce the time spent.

Stages of iOS application development and work with AppStore

The application development process consists of several stages, they are necessary for all projects and don’t depend on their complexity.

Average statistical application is developing in next conventional steps:

  1. Estimation (1-3 days)
  2. The study of the problem, market analysis and competitors (1-5 days)
  3. Prototyping. Writing of technical specifications (5-15 days)
  4. Design (5-15 days)
  5. Programming part (18-60 + days)
  6. Testing (5-10 days)

The expenses urgency of supporting the old iOS version

As long as the new iOS app will earn the trust of users, will became useful and necessary, and will win a certain position in the ranking, it will need the technical support and improvements. And it will also require the costs for advertising.

Considering how fast new iOSversions are released, the support of older versions becomes irrelevant.

Is there a difference between the cost of developing for Android and IOS applications?

In fact, the cost of creating the apps for Android is equal to the cost of development for the iPhone. The only thing is that it is more difficult to work with Android because of the variety of Android-devices and screen sizes. And thereforethe development process requires more time than for iOS. Definitelythe cost of developmentwill be higher for older versions of Android and IOS.

The cost estimation of applications

You need to calculate the financial expenses for app development at least twice.

At first time the specialists from development company will provide rough calculation, so that the client can understand the volumes of future investments. It is providing during the 3 days and it requires no charges from the client side.

It is difficult to calculate the expenses for each stage of development preliminary, as there are many nuances which can affect the total cost.

The preliminary estimation will contain the average prices, the minimal and the maximal expenses on the project, and it is enough at the first stage to decide, continue the project or not.

At the second stage more exact estimation of mobile app development is providing to set the official contract, which contains the detailed description of stages, timing and the final result. And even if everything is considered, sometimes it is necessary to revise the budget of the project. During the development some functions are not in need anymore, and some need to be added, and this is a normal process for any upcoming projects.

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