Creating an iPad application for Hochu magazine

The task for the development team: to create an application for mobile users of the website

The application is in the Apple Store.

The main objective of the app is to attract and retain a target audience.

The application should be able to work without being connected to the Internet. Content update is planned 1-2 times a month. It works independently, and technically it is not connected to the official website.

It is necessary to have a functionality to play videos and display static and interactive advertising.

Yulia Povar, project manager.



Market analysis

We researched a lot of applications for magazines designed for iPad. We paid attention to the structure of the presented information, technical solutions and functional features. 

In most applications, advertisement and selected issues described in detail are placed on the top of the first page.

To read the magazine, you need download it. Downloaded magazines take a lot of space on the devices, so there is a functionality to delete it.


Target audience

Our female readers are interested in fashion, beauty, health, sports, show business, relationships and, entertainment. They appreciate bright and original presentation of information. 

The website already has a mobile traffic and considering global trends, it should grow even more.  


The prototype

The client needed a simple and bright in his filing decision to not just good, but much better than the others. But the version with layout of each page in the pdf is not for us, it's too labor-intensive.

As a solution, we offered to put moving content over the background image, which each has its own page. It looks great, is easy.

Lyalin Maxim, internet marketer.



We work out the details of every page.


Design concepts

The complexity of the project was that, apart from the interface of the magazine, our goal was to create templates for the layout of the magazine.

It was challenging to have a professional client that has been in magazine business for 15 years. We did our best.

Egor Tkachenko, designer.



We work on concepts of a future magazine:

According to the chosen concept we draw out interfaces of all the pages.

Then we show how the finished pages of the magazine will look like.

Next we develop text patterns – design content blocks of the magazine.


Create the application icon based on the logo of the website

Program, test and launch it in the Apple Store.


People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Yulia Povar
Designer: Egor Tkachenko
Software Engineer: Bogdan Korda
Software Engineer: Alexander Kolesnik
Internet marketer: Lyalin Maxim
Technical director: Dmitry Moskalenko


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