The cost of app development

The cost of app development for iOS, Android or Windows Phone is determining by two main criteria. The first criterion is a performer. For example, if you live in USA and you wish to order the app from local developers it will cost you 2-3 times more expensive than if you hire the experts from Eastern Europe. The second criterion is the complexity of the app. The apps with a lot of functional are more difficult to implement, and the cost of development will be corresponding.


Review of the cost of apps by countries

When it comes to mobile application development, high prices do not mean quality. It is clearly seen if we collect salaries of developers around the world and compare them.

Developers’ requests of about the same qualification for 1 hour of working time:

  • United States and Australia ($ 50-150)
  • United Kingdom (60-70 £)
  • Western Europe (60-70 €)
  • Eastern Europe ($ 25-50)
  • India ($ 8-30)

That is why freelance communities are growing so fast. To take the remote smart developers with the knowledge of English language, which will make the mobile application several times cheaper, is much more profitable.

salaries of developers

The freelance in Ukraine is growing very fast, and now the country is on the 4th place in the world considering the volumes of development in Upwork (Elance-oDesk before), as the quality of mobile app development is very high, and the prices are 2-3 times lower in comparison with the United States.


Do I need to go to the office to make a mobile app?

In short, no. Thanks to Skype with screen sharing and e-mail there is no need. All issues are resolved easily and quickly, because you do not spend time on transportations.


How much time it takes to develop the app?

The process of app creation consists of several stages. The terms for each stage can be different depending on the complexity of each particular case.

  1. Estimation (1-3 days)
  2. The study of the problem, market analysis and competitors (1-5 days)
  3. Prototyping. Writing of technical specifications (5-15 days)
  4. Design (5-15 days)
  5. Programming part (18-60 + days)
  6. Testing (5-10 days)

Considering the terms, we can divide app development into three groups:

  • Simple apps - about 300 hours (1-2 months);
  • Apps of medium difficulty - about 500 hours (3-4 months);
  • Complex apps - more than 600 hours (over 4 months).

You can use parallel programming in complex apps, when multiple programmers are working on the same application. This allows you to bring the release date of the app.


Estimation of apps

To rate the volume at each stage and hence calculate the cost of the app is a difficult task. For this you need to have a good understanding of the results and you need to have strong technical knowledge to evaluate labor costs for each function. Usually this process involves the most experienced specialists.

Evaluation takes place in two stages:

  • Pre-evaluation, a rough estimate;
  • Exact evaluation.


Preliminary evaluation allows to set the required amount of investment you need to create an app before signing any agreements. That is, you can get it in 1-2 days, free of charge.


estimation of app developmentThe exact estimation of app development is supported by the contract, which contains timing and stages with the detailed description of results.

It is also happening that during the process of development the original problem is redefining and this can affect the total cost.

That is, there are moments that were hard to foresee, and it is taking the decision to exclude something away from the primary list as unnecessary or add anything to it. Usually this is happening when creating unique applications, which have no analogues.

It is good, if company has developed apps with similar functions before. In this case, the estimation of new app will be more accurate than if developers had no experience in such apps.

In addition, developers can already have some drafts, which can be transferred into the new project.


Who is developing the app?

app developersOn average, there are about 6-10 people involved in the work of one app: project manager, marketing specialist, designer, art director, developers, QA specialist and technical director.

Marketing specialist, designer and art director are working on the app logic, finding the right graphic solution. These specialists help customers create the app they need.

Developers with technical director implement the plans into practice.

Then the app is tested and it is passing to the client.

But this is not the end with the work of app, as you also need to figure out how to make it easier, more convenient and faster.


What should be noticed when ordering the apps?

technical specifications of apps

There should be analysis. It helps to avoid many risks, such as the creation of app that no one will need or the creation of app similar to others. It helps to understand the target audience, the needs and values of the future users, and other things important for creation the good app.

It is better to make a prototype of the app to be sure it is what you want, than to miss this step. The cost of errors at the stage of prototyping is minimal, highly detailed prototypes help to avoid misunderstandings and misses, it gives a clear understanding of the final results and speeds up the work on all the other stages.

The most important document in development process is technical specifications. Developers do the work studying every detail according to this document. The terms of app development are long, the volume of works is large, and if something isn’t mentioned in the document, then it is likely will not be done.


Mobile application is a constant work

With the release of the app the work is not completed. The app still needs to attract users, to collect metrics and analyze their behavior to find a way to make the product better.


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