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Hi, my name is Dmitry Moskalenko, and I am the CTO at WOXAPP Company and on this page I will tell you how we developed complex web project.


A successful website or an online store is the product of internet marketing, growth and development of company in the web.

What separates our company from the rest is that we don’t offer our clients cookie websites and solutions, each project is developed only after a thorough analysis of competitors and needs of a particular audience.

At the first stage this is the responsibility of a UI/UX specialist.


Work stages when creating a web project:

    We define the goals and objectives of the future website.
•    Analyze the market and competitors.
•    Put together a Specification of requirements.
•    Develop a prototype of the website. Detailed work up of user scenarios, website usability.
•    Create 2 design concepts of the site. Design of all pages based on the selected concept.
•    Programming part of the site.
•    Page makeup.
•    Filling the site with content.
•    Testing the website.
•    Delivery and launch of the website.

Each project employs 6 to 10 people


You get only the best

Our technical specialists are all engineers with higher technical education and work experience on complex projects. We are continually working on educating ourselves and are always aware of the latest trends (we have more than 250 books in our library).

One more unique aspect of working with us is that everything is done in-house, whithin one team, one company. Analysis, design, programming and layout, copywriting and promotion - our team leads the project from the first meeting to your first sale.

For each type of website and company the order might be different. For example, if we develop a commercial website, then we make sure to think over the positioning of the company, and emphasis is placed on the benefits of purchasing from and cooperating with the company.

For example, for the company "Umanpivo" we offered the following positioning:

Uman brewery "Umanpivo"
Appreciated for its taste and naturality


How we did it

If the company has a catalog of the products, our internet marketing specialist builds it based on search queries and expectations of the target audience. In our practice there were catalogs with up to 20,000 products.

In the cases with complex corporate projects, we develop in detail various user scenarios.

A different approach is used when working with startups or technically complex projects. For example, for the WORDWOX project we especially focused on creating a user-friendly player, fast server response time for saving text to audio query, and had to solve many technical challenges.

This is what we got in the end. Click on the «PLAY» button and WORDWOX will read the text!

London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic, and commercial centre. It is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. Its population is about 8 million. The heart of London is the City, its financial and business centre. Numerous banks, offices, and firms are situated there, including the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange, and the Old Bailey.


In addition, each project has a search marketing specialist. You get a semantic kernel, as well as a breakdown of search queries for different pages during the stage of writing the content.

The process of developing application or web project

During the first phase our UX / UI specialist will analyze your competitors, your target audience behavior in the web and its experience with mobile applications.
After understanding what the users expect from the application, we begin the process of prototyping or creating flow-charts. A properly built interface is a guarantee that the user will quickly determine how the application can help him solve his problem. Here, you get a chance to see the functionality of your future application without having to program it.
Graphic design
We make sure to create graphic solutions that are clear and user friendly. You will get a design that will sure to distinguish you from your competitors.
Development and testing
Only developers with the experience of working on complex projects, appropriate education and approach of web engineers will work on your mobile application.
Ongoing support and reaching the goal
What differentiates our company is that we don't only develop applications, but also take upon their promotion. Our clients end up working with the company that takes responsibility for all the phases of work: from the first button to download of the application, and reviews from satisfied users. 

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With us you get a complete application development cycle: analysis of the competitive environment, development of functionality and server side, development of design and effective advertising support.

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