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My name is Dmitry Moskalenko, I am the windows phone developer at the WOXAPP Company, and on this page I will tell you about our process of windows phone application development platform using an example with the WORDWOX application (the description of the project can be found here). 

The essence of the service is simple: vocalizing text files.

The difficulty of developing for the Windows Phone platform is that you need to adhere to a Metro-style. Microsoft is actively promoting it, so it is necessary to comply with the formal requirements of the Microsoft Company to design.

Before we began working on the project, we made two trial applications (Percussions and FuComicsCreator).


First, we develop flowcharts for the windows phone application:

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Then we get inspired by the metro icons:
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Design of the mobile application for the Windows Phone

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Using the example of this particular application I was able to demonstrate to you how we approach the process of creating prototypes and design for mobile applications on Windows Phone platform.


These are the advantages we offer to our clients:

  • Our company is located in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). That is why we can offer you lower pricing, and yet you will work with experienced programmers who had successfully completed complex projects around the world.
  • Our extensive portfolio, geographical scope of our work and clients’ reviews show the highest level of expertise of our team.
  • You will be assigned a personal account manager who will be responsible for your project and will always be in touch.
  • All contractual obligations will be secured by signing an agreement.

We have successfully worked with companies from the US, Germany, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine and other countries.


The process of windows phone development


Analysis for Windows Phone app

During the first phase our UX / UI specialist will analyze your the competitors that are present in the Windows Phone market, your target audience behavior on the Internet and their experience with mobile applications.

Prototyping for Windows Phone app

Having understood what the users expect from the application, we begin the process of prototyping or creating flow-charts. A properly built interface is a guarantee that the user will quickly determine how the application can help him solve his problem. Here, you get a chance to see the functionality of your future application without having to program it.

Graphic design for Windows Phone app

We make sure to create graphic solutions that are clear and user friendly, and yet adhere to the standards and requirements of the Microsoft Company. You will get a design that will sure to distinguish you from your competitors.

Development and testing Windows Phone app

Only developers with the experience of working on complex projects, appropriate education and approach of web engineers will work on your mobile application.

Ongoing support and reaching the goal Windows Phone app

What differentiates our company is that we not only develop applications for windows phone, but also take upon their promotion. Our clients end up working with the company that takes responsibility for all the phases of work: from the first button to download of the application, and reviews from satisfied users.


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If you have ideas for creating mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone – do not hesitate to contact the WOXAPP Company!

With us you get a complete application development cycle: analysis of the competitive environment, development of functionality and server side, development of design and effective advertising support.

You can contact us in any way convenient for you!


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