Developing App WORDWOX for iOS


The description of the ios development you can find here

The essence of the service is simple: vocalizing text.

Out team’s objective was to create iOS application for the WORDWOX service.

There were several issues:

— First of all, Apple is serious about the design of applications, and we had to create the applications for all platforms, while maintaining a general concept of the WORDWOX.
— Secondly, the application had to be native.
— Third, we were expecting the release of iOS 7, which meant new directions in design, new animations, etc.

Knowing the expectations of the target audience and the mechanics of the service, we began developing flowcharts for the application:

We worked out all the elements, the process of converting text into audio format.
All user scenarios are detailed.

Now it’s time to write a detailed Specifications requirement.


Design process begins.

Drawing first version:


Looking at click zones:

The icon for the first version:


Get together, discuss. We don’t like it. Let’s start over.

Trying to find new concepts. Let’s try working with metaphors.


Leather is old stuff. Let’s find something new:


We choose of the versions, draw every page:



Create the icon:


Now programming part begins.

Status: Due to improvements on the parent service hosting of the project is delayed.

People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Konstantin Gavrylenko
Designer: Egor Tkachenko
Developer:  Bogdan Korda
Internet marketing: Marat Shaluhin


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