How much does it cost to make an app?

How much does it cost to develop an app? The cost of app development in company for iOS, Android or WEB is defined by two major criteria.

  • The first criteria is a performer. For example, if you live in the USA and order the app from local developers, the cost of outsourcing that development could be up to 2 or 3 times higher, when compared to Eastern Europe specialists.
  • The second criteria is the complexity and labor intensity of the app. The more services it offers, and the more difficult its implementation, the higher the cost will be to build the app.
Расчет стоимости приложения


Review of the costs to develop an app around the globe

High costs and quality are not synonymous when it comes to mobile app development, and any prospective project needs to bare this in mind.

We can illustrate some of the costs if we take the salaries of the programmers from different countries to compare.

The demands of the developers who have almost identical qualifications, for 1 hour of the working time:

  • The USA and Australia (50-150 $). The cost to create an app: from $ 15 000. 
  • Great Britain (£ 60-70). The cost of creating an app: from $ 19 500.
  • Western Europe (€ 60-70). The cost of making an app: from $ 19 500.
  • Eastern Europe ($ 25-50). The cost of creating an app: from $ 7 500.
  • India ($ 8-30). The cost to create an app: from $ 5 700.

Outsource app development cost in Eastern Europe

To create a simple mobile app requires 1-2 months of development or 300 hours, while a complex apps may require more than 4 months.

Average mobile app development cost in Eastern Europe is from $ 7500

How much does it cost to build an app within the freelance market?

Freelance communities are growing rapidly; creating a situation where it´s far more profitable to hire talented remote developers, with a knowledge of English, to develop mobile apps.

In Ukraine, the number of freelance developers is growing very fast. Today the country occupies fourth place in the world, in terms of quantity of the development at ‘Upwork’ (earlier at ‘Elance-oDesk’). This is largely due to the quality of mobile app development being very high, and the cost to build an app being around 2-3 times lower as compared to the USA.

Do you need to go to the office to make a mobile app?

In short, no. Thanks to Skype with screen sharing and e-mail, there is no need for it. All the issues are solved easily and efficiently without wasted time on traveling.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Process of developing an app for iOS, Android and other platforms, consists of several successive stages. The terms at each stage can be different depending on the labor intensity on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Free cost of making an app estimate (1-3 days)
  2. Detailed study of the task, analysis of the market and competitors (1-5 days)
  3. Prototyping. Writing technical specification (5-15 days)
  4. Design an app (5-15 days)
  5. Programming (18-60+ days)
  6. Testing (5-10 days)

Types of apps according to their complexity in WOXAPP

According to the development time, apps can be divided into three groups:

  • Simple apps - about 300 working hours (1-2 months) - costs from $ 8 000.
  • Apps of average complexity - about 500 working hours (3-4 months) - costs from $ 8 000 to $ 14 000.
  • Complex apps – more than 600 hours (more than 4 months) costs from $ 14 000.

In complex apps it is possible to initiate parallel programming. This approach employs several programmers working simultaneously, and possibly results in the proposed app release date being brought forward.

Cost estimate of the app

cost to make an appTo calculate the quantity at every stage, which means to calculate the cost of app development, is a difficult task. For this purpose you should have a clear vision of the resulting effect and be technologically advanced in order to be able to estimate the work effort for each function. That’s why, as a rule, the most experienced specialists take part in this process.

The estimate is carried out in two stages:

  • Preliminary rough estimate;
  • Accurate estimate.

Preliminary cost estimate free of charge

Though a preliminary estimate is called ‘rough’, it affords a clear enough understanding of the potential costs involved with the proposed app developments, prior to any formal agreements. This kind of service is available free-of-charge within 1 to 2 days.

Accurate cost to create an app

cost of developing an app

More accurate mobile app development costs are reinforced by the Agreement, where the terms and development stages, with detailed description of the end result, are stipulated.

There are also cases when; during the development process, issues and new understanding arise, forcing a reconsideration of the initial task, which can affect the bottom-line price.

In these unforeseen circumstances, both parties must consider either the deletion or addition of features, especially when unique and unparalleled apps are created.

It goes without saying that an experienced company is likely to provide a more accurate estimate of time and costs, and be able to deliver the required end result. Experience of similar apps or similar functions can help reduce the factors most important.

Any new developments are of benefit to both parties providing the opportunity to service future projects.

Who develops the app?

On average, one app is developed by 6-10 people: a project manager, a marketing expert, a designer, an artistic director, programmers, a testing engineer and an engineering manager.

The marketing expert with the designer, under the guidance of the artistic director, elaborate the consistency of the app and find a suitable graphic solution. These specialists help the client to create the app which exactly satisfies his needs.

The programmers, under the guidance of the engineering manager, bring the idea to life.
In the end, the app is tested and submitted to the client.

However, the story doesn’t end there! As part of the constant process of development, the team will consider possible ways of making the app easier, more convenient and faster.

team of woxapp companyWork on the application in woxapp

What shall we pay attention to when ordering the app?

ordering the appAnalysis

There should be an analysis. This helps to avoid a lot of risks when releasing an app which nobody wants or which might be identical to the others. It will help study the target audience, the needs and values of future users, and basically understand what features are needed by the app.

Prototype model

A prototype model provides vital information and opportunities to shape and mould the app into an accurate representation of what is needed. To make mistakes with a prototype is far cheaper than to wait for the final product. A prototype also enables a team to speed up the development process in later stages, giving a clear understanding of what is required.

Technical specification

The most important document in the process of developing, is a technical specification. The programmers work under this document paying attention to every detail. With such a vast list of technical details, an accurate specification is vital. This document must cover all aspects of work and therefore must be created by experienced and accurate managers. For this reason the technical specification document demands special attention.

Mobile app is a constant work

Post production work is also a huge consideration in the success of an app. After releasing the app, the work on it is not over. You still have to attract users to the app, as well as to collect the metrics and analyze their behavior in order to find the way to improve the product.

Our clients’ demands at the stage of the project estimation:

  • Proven experience of the project development for medium and large businesses.
  • Business expertise when developing the startups.
  • Team of 7 and more specialists when developing an app or a website.
  • Uniqueness – no patterns.
  • Term – development starting from 3 months.
  • The transparency of control and flexibility of development.































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