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23 January 2018

In this article, you will learn how to test Web projects and mobile applications in our company.

04 December 2017

Considering ordering new, innovative and user-friendly, web or mobile apps development, entrepreneurs and startupers commonly think about...

29 November 2017

GPS navigation is a great part of our life. Modern people prefer driving, travel hard and use online maps to find the right ways through multiple existing routes.


28 November 2017

Food is among the most essential human needs. Meanwhile, modern customers want to find the suitable, neighbor restaurants that deliver your favorite dishes fast and at...

08 November 2017

Letgo is one of the most successful classifieds apps on the second-hand marketplace. Being one of the fresh startups, for now it has already mediated transactions costing $23...

08 September 2017

Uber app was born back in March 2009, and even after 8 years of intense mobile applications market development, it continues to be an example of success in online taxi business...

01 September 2017

The today's age of mobile apps does not leave any space for superfluous movements in one's life: everything you need can be delivered right at your doorstep. Seamless,...

08 August 2017

The number of mobile apps grow so increasingly, that perhaps soon there will be no sphere for which a mobile app won't exist. One of the spheres where mobile apps became a...

28 July 2017

How to build up an effective service for food delivery? How to set a task for the developers and what functions will be required in the first place? Using UberEats as an...

20 December 2016

Several factors affect the formation of the cost. The most prominent is the cost per hour of an IT-specialist. Each IT-engineer and development company settle charges according...

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