Creation of Sovtes Android app


Android app developed for Sovtes. 
Sovtes is a service connecting shipment senders with carriers. It simplifies and streamlines the ordering of shipments, making the process more convenient for all parties. 2.3 mln tons of cargo have already been delivered through the service.

Task definition

The service operation was analyzed, including all ‘driver-service-customer’ scenarios. The following features were identified for the mobile app: 

  • Organization of cargo transportation on the road.
  • Monitoring the shipment process.
  • Deal negotiation and arrangement.
  • Navigation along the route.
  • Swift exchange of information (photographs and photocopies of documents).

Driver app

Mobile app is the primary tool for drivers. On the road, there’s rush, little light in the cabin, slow Internet connection, and other issues. Therefore, the requirements to the app interface are quite serious. 

Several basic scenarios for drivers were identified:

  • Viewing route information.
  • Real-time tracking of available load pick-ups.
  • Quick selection of suitable pick-ups.
  • Convenient notification system.
  • Document management. 

Convenient offer handling

Offers contain necessary information on the route and the load, such as date and time of pickup and delivery, number of pickup/delivery points, mileage, load type, weight, and dimensions.
Customizable filter allows hiding irrelevant offers and selecting the offer display type (list or map view). 


The app displays current route with all relevant waypoints and road objects, such as pickup point, customs office, state border, delivery point.

In the process of booking an order, the driver can specify the loading/unloading date and time and select the payment method. Upon confirmation from the customer, the driver will be able to view route in greater detail. Each route waypoint info contains an address, a company name, a contact person, a phone number, and a distance to the next waypoint.

Document management

Documents may be photographed and attached to the route. The driver communicates directly with the customer using a built-in messaging service.

The app helps to monitor the document flow and movement of funds, as well as view complete statistics on current and completed orders.

A possibility to combine loads

The driver can take up additional load in the process of delivery. A filter needs to be set, specifying the necessary parameters (loading/unloading address, date or time period, maximum cargo weight and volume), which filters down available routes for the driver to choose. 

UX design

All potential usage scenarios were considered. The client has provided extensive information about working with drivers and senders, which have been accounted for and reflected in the interface. 

Design concepts

The task was to make an app lightweight, with intuitive navigation, and to maintain a unified company style throughout the interface. 

Emphasis was placed correctly on specific items, in order to make it easy for the driver to grasp the information quickly and intuitively, not spending much time on it. 

3 concepts were drawn up based on the foregoing:

All app screens were drawn in accordance with the selected and approved concept.

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