IOT app development

Out team develops apps for the ‘Internet of Things’. We use Android Things and develop individual solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to be a new platform which is already being used in the following sectors:

  • Transport
  • Medicine
  • Production
  • Retail
  • ‘Smart cities’ and ‘smart houses’
  • Agriculture

IoT applications development is also called M2M app development (Machine-to-Machine). Simply put, this is a system where devices exchange data without any person involved.

They can be the systems of company security, ‘smart house’ systems or an accounting system for a logistics company.

Rapid MVP for IoT applications

IoT is a new sector, that’s why testing of the product hypotheses should be conducted very fast. The development process in our company is carried out in such a way that you could obtain MVP as fast as possible.

We work on the basis of SCRUM system using the best practices of IoT app development. You are always well-informed about the developing process and you also have influence on the functional features which are under development.

Android Things in M2M app development

Android Things is an operating system from Google which is based on the Android operating system. Android Things supports IntelEdison, IntelJoule, NXPi.MX7DPico, NXPi.MX6ULArgon, NXPi.MX6ULPico, RaspberryPi 3.

Android Things offers a set of tools which make the development easier and faster. You can get detailed information here.

Technologies of iot development

Working with sensors

When we an create IoT project, we take into account the peculiarities of working with sensors, measuring tools, and means of data transfer.

We offer the solutions which:

  • consume little energy;
  • transfer the data fast
  • are fault tolerant
  • are safe.

Where shall the data be stored and how will it be used? Data collection is only a part of the system. It’s important to consider where the data is going to be stored and in what way to be used.

The essential component is data transfer protocols.

Devices communicate with each other and transfer data in many ways. For this reason we choose the most effective solution which measures energy consumption and the format of data transfer.

The project architecture is built up in such a way that the data transfer and work with sensors doesn’t result in a bottleneck.

technologies with sensors

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