SmartWatch app development for Android and IOS

We are developing desirable SmartWatch apps for Apple, Android and Samsung.

Small and powerful devices which are always ‘close to hand.’ SmartWatch IOS and Android Wear is a new platform for selling goods and services, and offers the possibility to be closer to your customers.

Read the case of creating iwatch app design for the ZealStep app for Apple Watch on our website.

What are the benefits when you order SmartWatch app development for Apple watch and Android wear?

The SmarWatch offers possibly the fastest access to a customer by means of its location, and almost always being worn. The likelihood of your message being received is increased through simplified consumer communications. Customer loyalty is also boosted by the rapid access to a service.

SmartWatch capabilities

SmartWatch is well suited for fitness and health apps, news and musical apps, social media, messengers. With the help of the SmartWatch you can:

  • answer phone calls
  • read SMS and text messages from messengers
  • make text and voice notes
  • listen to music and control the tracking list
  • read the weather forecast, the horoscope, the news
  • use mail and social media apps
  • and a lot more

Stages of app development process

SmartWatch app development undergoes a complete production circle: from the project idea to its startup. We use several methodologies which help to produce desirable applications.



We analyse demands and behaviour of the audience: we present details of entry requirements and business processes, we interview potential users and study competitors and the market.

Project design

Preparation of the use cases

We create mind-map of the app, write use cases and make prototypes. At the design stage we test product hypotheses by conducting customer survey. We estimate the product perception, find errors in the procession logic for the screen layouts and improve the content presentation.


UI design

App design

When a SmartWatch app design is being created, we focus on the conditions under which SmartWatches are used. The apple iwatch and android wear offers unique functional capacities such as rapid access to the customers and inbuilt sensors. The watch is a small screen used when on the move. No matter if a user is in a taxi, at work or is jogging, he gets a simple interface which doesn’t require long concentration.

SmartWatch app design

Flexible development based on SCRUM

The work is performed on the basis of the Agile framework SCRUM. The iteration development allows you to control the work of the team getting results after each sprint.


Android development and testing


Using manual testing, we do auto tests and conduct load testing. Every element of the system is verified: from the interface to the server app. Everything should work fast and withstand high loads.

Testing apps

publishing app

Startup and publishing

Having passed testing, the app for SmartWatch is published on the application store.

The result of this stage is a developed watch application which works for your business.

Peculiarities of developing iWatch apps: platforms and devices

SmartWatch application development in Woxapp offers possibility for several device series:

  • Apple Watch.
  • Android Wear.
  • Samsung Gear.

iWatch apps development

Interaction with the watch lasts for several seconds, that’s why the iwatch app should rapidly provide data and solve user’s tasks. The interface is built according to the requirements of the watchOS based on three principles: it should be glanceable, actionable and responsive.

iWatch apps development iWatch apps iWatch development

WatchOS SDK and WatchKit are used to develop app for Apple SmartWatch. Screen structure and navigation, UI elements and notifications are built in accordance with watchOS Human Interface Guidelines and the associated best practices.

app for Apple SmartWatch Apple SmartWatch

SmartWatch Apple SmartWatch app Apple SmartWatch

Android wear apps development

Fast and convenient Android watch apps which are always on your hand. Android wear is an open platform, apps for Android wear support devices running Android 4.3+ or iOS 9+.

Android wear apps development Android wear apps Android wear development

Clear design and correctly nested content, rapid feedback from the app, correspondence to Android Wear Application Design Principles, all ensure you get the best UX. The design is created on the principles: SmartWatches should be Timely, Glanceable, Easy to tap and Time-saving.

Android Wear Design

Samsung gear app development

Our specialists develop wear apps for series of Samsung Gear. The design is based on the principles of Gear App Design Guidelines and requirements of Samsung Gear.

Samsung gear app development Samsung gear app development

How much does it cost?

Creation of the independent app for SmartWatch depends on the complexity of the development and number of system elements. Send us a description of your project to estimate the terms and cost to develop smartwatch app.

Requirements for our clients at the stage of the project estimate:

  • We have successful experience in developing projects for medium and large businesses.
  • Business expertise when developing startups.
  • Team of 7 specialists when developing an app or a web site.
  • Uniqueness - we don’t accept standard decisions.
  • Terms – development within the period from 3 months.
  • Transparent system of control and development flexibility.

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