INTHELENS for iPhone


The task for the development team: to make an application for funny pictures creating.
Development time: 1.5 months
Budget: 3 600 USD

The application is available in Apple Store.


Market analysis

There are many similar applications in the App Store, and that shows a demand that was formed for such kind of apps. Each on them is unique, but the same approach is used everywhere: image overlay (mustache, glasses etc.), filters and masks, changes of the original shape.


Creating of block-schemes

After setting up the architecture of the app, we decide which pages we need and what is the functional.  



2 design concepts are prepared.


Choosing one of them, we draw all the pages.


100 stencils preparation



Choose the photos to create funny pics? It seems simple at first glance. Very laborious, responsible and exhausting work.

Alexander Kononenko, designer.





Application development


People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Konstantin Gavrilenko
Art Director: Artem Schap
Technical Director: Dmitry Moskalenko
Designer: Alexander Kononenko
Developer: Alexander Kolesnikov

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