Creating Keeper application for iPhone


The task for the development team: to create an application for taking notes.
Development time: 2 months​
Budget: 4 600 USD

Keeper is an application for keeping notes in the form of tiles. Every note on the home screen is transformed into a tile, which displays its content.

This may be the first image, the beginning of the text or a header, including audio notes. And inside each note you can set an alarm as a reminder.

Konstantin Gavrylenko, the head of the company.


Market analysis

Before we started the development, we made sure that there are no such applications for iPhone yet. We researched the analogues, evaluated all functionalities of competitors and identified the most popular features and the benchmark for everyday tasks. 

We considered a possibility of adding geo-notes, but the analysis has shown that it will is strongly drain battery and there were a few more restrictions against it, so we decided to postpone the implementation of this function. 



On the home screen we select the size and the format of the tiles. We show all items and their status on the page of each note.

All pages of the prototype:

Searching for a concept of the design


Choose one of the concepts and draw out the design of all pages

All notes are created and edited the same way. There are several types of tiles, which differ in size and content: photos, text. The way tiles are displayed depends on the content. If the note contains a photo, then we will show it.

If there is no photo – we will display the text. It’s not possible to create a blank note because we always have to display something on the tile.

The size of the tiles can be edited manually. To do that, you need to press and hold one of the tiles.

Egor Tkachenko, designer.


For each note, you can change the background. The background is displayed in the body of a note on the main screen if in the body of the note there are no images.

Icon for the application

Searching for the concept of the icon.

We select this one. Work out the chosen concept.

Developing the application 

In the application we have an impressive list of functionalities:

- Changing the size of the tiles on the home screen.
- Displaying the content in a tile on the home screen.
- Displaying any set reminders (alarm) and audio notes on the home screen.
- Adding photos to the body of the note, own camera. 
- Adding audio recordings to the body of the note, own voice recorder.
- Adding sound reminders to each note, own alarm clock.
- Adding lists.
- Deletion the content in the body of the note.
- Change color themes.
- Search within the application.

Dmitry Moskalenko, CTO.


People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Konstantin Gavrilenko
Designer: Alexander Kononenko
Software Engineer: Alexander Kolesnik
Internet marketer: Lyalin Maxim
Technical director: Dmitry Moskalenko
Art director: Shchap Artem


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