Creating the Price Helper application for iPhone


Currency converter Price Helper recognizes prices using a camera; more than 140 currencies are available. 

Development time: 2 months
Budget: 4 300 USD

The application is available in Apple Store.



The essence of the application is to help travelers navigate different prices.

Just three simple steps:

  1. Take a picture using your mobile phone.
  2. Recognize the price.
  3. Convert the price into a desired currency.

Konstantin Gavrilenko, project manager



Target audience

Price Helper is designed specifically for travelers. Everyone who ever travelled abroad was faced with the problem of navigating prices of goods - "is it cheap or expensive?" And in order to understand it, you need to convert the price into a familiar currency. 

Not everyone can make such conversions in their head. It’s easier to do using a calculator, but still not particularly user-friendly. So, in thinking about this problem, we came up with an idea for an application. 

In the App Store there are many currency converter apps, people download them, leave feedback - hence, there is a demand. 



We create several design concepts based on the following criteria: user-friendliness, ease of use, speed.

Egor Tkachenko, designer.



Then we draw all the pages for the selected concept.

The main screen of the application. You can convert in real time and by isolation. To isolate, you need to take a picture and with your finger swipe the desired number. In real-time everything is converted that fits in the frame, the size of which can be changed.

History of conversions and a list of currencies. 

If necessary, you can set your own currency, and also set the automatic detection of «local» currency. 

Developing the application

The most difficult part is recognizing numbers in real-time without connecting to the Internet. But you need Internet for the application to update the exchange rates.

Dmitry Moskalenko, CTO.




People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Konstantin Gavrilenko
Designer: Egor Tkachenko
Software Engineer: Alexander Kolesnik
Internet marketer: Lyalin Maxim
Technical director: Dmitry Moskalenko


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