Agreement on the use of the site.

This Agreement is a public offer contract made in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and in accordance with the internal policy of the site.


Staying on the site, navigating through its pages, the User thus demonstrates that he fully accepts the terms of this Agreement. Otherwise, leave the site.


In this Agreement such aspects are stipulated:


Please read the terms of this Agreement before continuing to work with the site.


Obligations of the User

By accepting the rules established by this Agreement, the User agrees not to take any actions that may lead to disruptions in the operation of the site, as well as actions that are contrary to this Agreement, international law, laws of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, in particular in the protection of copyright and related rights.


Obligations of the site administration

The administration of the site undertakes to reasonably dispose of information received from users. We undertake not to transfer confidential information to third parties, and the data obtained from anonymous counters and analyzers should be used solely for the purposes of marketing research.


Use of site materials

Use of materials of the site for personal purposes is permitted and encouraged. Use for advertising purposes, copying without a link, and also copy-paste to other websites - is prohibited. All materials presented on the site are objects of intellectual property of the site administration and are protected by law.


Information on the site

The site administration carefully checks the information before posting it on the site. However, no one is immune from inaccuracies, mistakes and typos. Therefore, we are not responsible for the above phenomena. The position of the authors of the materials posted on the site may not coincide with the position of the site administration.


Rules of registration on the site

Register on the website, enter accurate and truthful data. This will help the site administration correctly and efficiently build further work with you.


privacy policy

The privacy policy on the website is built without any contradiction to the letter of the law. We are committed to carefully storing confidential information provided by users, ensuring its security and not transferring it to any third parties. However, we are not responsible if the data were seized in a communication section that is not subject to the administration of the site.


Anonymous Analyzers

The site captures and collects information about user actions on its pages using anonymous analyzers that are not inconsistent with the law. The information obtained is used for marketing research and improving the work of the site.


Operation of the Agreement

This User Agreement comes into force from the first visit to the Site by the User and is valid for the entire time while it is on the site The agreement is effective as it appears on the site and is effective from the moment it is posted on the website


The site administration has the right, if necessary, to amend the text of the Agreement, and do it without special notice.