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How much does it cost to develop a mobile application? The cost of applications development for iOS or Android will be affected by a set of factors.

What is the average cost to develop mobile solutions in different countries?

The high cost not always speaks about quality when it comes to the development of mobile applications. This is clearly seen if you analyze the cost to hire development teams from around the world and compare them.

Here are average indicators of the cost to develop a mobile app per hour of a programmer’s work.

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Cost of applications development in Eastern Europe

A simple application requires 1-2 months of development or 300 hours, and complex application development- more than 4 months.



What is the cost to develop an app if you hire freelancers?

There is a great reason why the freelance community is developing so rapidly. It is much more profitable to take intelligent remote developers with knowledge of English, which will make the mobile application several times cheaper.

In Ukraine, freelancing is also gaining popularity. Now the country is on the 4th place in the world in terms of development volumes on Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk). The quality of mobile applications development provided by Ukrainian coders is still very high, and costs are 2-3 times lower in comparison with the United States.

Do I need to go to the office to find out the cost of app development and order it?

In short, no. Due to innovative technologies, it has become possible to greatly facilitate an app developmental process, even if you hire a remote team. The whole set of communication channels, proper time-management within the team and time-tracking services allow customers not only to take part in the process but save a lot of costs on it.

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How long does it take to develop an application and does it affect the cost of making an app?

The process of creating an application for iOS, Android and other platforms consists of several consecutive stages. It is not always possible to specify accurate terms because of the complexity and individual features of each case.



It is a difficult task to estimate the volume at each stage, and therefore, to calculate how much it costs to develop a mobile application. To do this, it is necessary to imagine the final result well and be technically savvy in order to estimate the development costs for each function. Therefore, the most experienced specialists in development should participate in this process.

The evaluation takes place in two stages:

Also, there are cases when in the process of development, with a growing depth of understanding, a rethinking of the original task takes place, which can affect the final cost. That is, there are nuances that previously could not be foreseen, and decisions are made to remove something from the primary list as unnecessary or add anything to it. This situation can happen when you create unique applications that have no analogs. It is also always difficult to predict an app development cost in advance in this case.

Well, it can easily turn out that we have already created applications with similar features to those that you can ask us to create. In this case, the answer to the question "how much does it cost to develop a mobile application?" will be more accurate than if the developers had no experience in similar applications.

Who develops the application?

On average, 6-10 people work on one application. They are the project manager, UX / UI designer, art director, programmers, testing engineer, and technical director.

UX / UI designer under the art director’s supervision work through the logic of the application and find a suitable graphical solution. These specialists help the client to create exactly such an application as he wants.

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Programmers lead by the technical director embody the idea into real life. Finally, the application is tested and submitted to the client.

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But the work with the application does not end here. In the future, you can think of how to make it even easier, more convenient or faster.

What should I look for when ordering an application?


The analysis is one of the most important stages of the process. It will help to avoid a lot of risks, release an application that nobody will need or will be the same as everyone else. It will help to understand the target audience, the needs, and values of future users. This stage will also determine the viability of your idea in the market.


It is better to make a prototype application and make sure that this is what you need than to skip this stage. The cost of errors at the stage of creating a prototype is minimal, and the presence of a quality, well-designed prototype prevents misunderstanding and gross mistakes, which eventually gives a clearer understanding of the final result and speeds up work at all other stages.

Technical task

The most important document in the development is the TOR (terms of reference). This document determines the work of the whole team. The term of development of the application for Android or iOS is long, the amount of work is large, and if something was forgotten to be written in the TOR, it is most likely will not be done. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to this document.

The mobile application is a constant work

The work on the application does not end after its launching. The application still needs to attract users. It is necessary to collect metrics and analyze their behavior to find a way on how to make the product even better, and you also need to allocate a cost for it.

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