Promotion of mobile applications

mobile apps promotion
Development of mobile application is only the beginning.

Now it has to fulfil its mission – to be useful to users.
But how do you reach your target audience, how and in what form do you show all the benefits of working with us?

Whether the application is intended for entertainment, whether it’s a game or yet another application-alarm, you must develop a strategy for its promotion.

Search engine marketing, niche creation, development of an integrated advertising campaign, PR – we will find all necessary tools to promote your project.
The tools we select depend on the type of application (paid or free), categories and requirements of the niche that we fit into (tourism, finance, games, etc.).

Who is working in the promotion of mobile apps?

Internet marketer, analyst, technical expert and copywriter.


Internal optimization of an application:

  • Optimizing key words (there are cases where adding just one keyword became a turning point in the application promotion);
  • Working with screenshots;
  • Setting up analytical tools;
  • Testing the application.

Efforts to attract target audience when promoting mobile applications:

  • Advertising in other applications;
  • Search engine promotion and contextual advertising;
  • Working with categories in mobile application stores;
  • Reviews on thematic blogs and sites;
  • Video reviews, etc.

Each project has its own index of efficiency, but the key indicator is the cost of acquiring one user.


See examples of works:

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