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Our web & mobile application development company creates web applications, MVP for startups, and API for mobile apps and sites. We automate business processes, increase sales, and improve customer services.

From idea to the marketable product

The development process  is built for creating the best web development applications which solve the audiences’ tasks. We ensure such apps are understandable and marketable.

Stages of custom web application development:

  • Research.
  • Sketching and design testing of product hypotheses.
  • Design.
  • Web app Development on the basis of SCRUM.
  • Complete cycle of app testing.
  • Soft launch.

At every stage we check everything we have made against the audiences’ demands. Is it really marketable? Will it be used?

custom web application development

Research It

The work starts with an audience analysis. We conduct a series of interviews where we specify the product demands. As a rule, at this stage the customer’s idea undergoes changes. There are added elements and scripts which were previously not considered.

researching and testing

Convenient and clear design

We use up-to-date patterns for creating interface designs. Web development apps for Mac can be a good example. Visually attractive designs are blended with convenience and clear functionality. We pay attention to the font solutions, good photos and animations.

Whilst performing web application developments, we elaborate the design of all the screens and element statuses, and consider the transition animation between the screens.

design of apps

Fast web applications

Fast upload of the web apps is the “Trending” requirement of the time. The uploaded time should be as fast as possible to fit into modern society expectations. It can be a matter of a split second.

For this purpose we:

  • develop hi-level project architecture;
  • form individual technology stack according to your tasks;
  • work out an optimized model of data storing;
  • select a reliable hosting service in your region.

A DevOps specialist performs a server configuration.

All the above is prepared in the Design Specification and agreed with you.

project architecture

Mobile First

The design of a web app is drawn for the desktop and mobile screens. It’s a key part of the mobile web app development. A screen provides little space and it’s important for a designer to show which information shaould be displayed first and which is to be hidden.

We draw all the statuses of the screens so as to show them on the mobile devices.

mobile app

Team work

10 specialists are working on your project: designers, programmers, QA specialists, the project manager, the account manager, and the Chief Technology Officer. The result is provided by experience and expertise of each participant of the process.

team work

Experience in creating highload systems

Our team has made startups and business web apps designed to withstand a large number of visits. Each element of the system should process the load and complete its tasks without complications.

For startups

For startups we make an MVP of the project, launch the minimal version of the product as fast as possible, and consider the project indicators. The customers receive the product which is prepared to meet the audiences’ demands within a short time.

web app development for startups

Flexible SaaS app development

Work with a customer is built up on the basis of the SCRUM system. This is the methodology of a flexible mobile web application development, which helps to develop IT products iteratively. The customer controls the development and sees the result by iteration. You can add, modify and remove functions during the development process, the team flexibly meets the project demands.

SCRUM system in web app development

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