Android app development

Here are the main reasons why you should (develop) create an app for Android with us:


Decisions are made on the basis of careful business and audience analysis.


We have a vast experience in developing android apps and implementation of complex projects on time and with good quality.

user experience

Best UX
Our team of experts ensure you get the best user experience.

Highly demanded software

Highly demanded software
Because we listen to and understand our research, we create software highly demanded by users.

Android mobile app development brings new opportunities for:


Corporate applications Apps for online stores apps for startups

Corporate applications

For online stores

For startup projects

  • Automation of business processes and reduction of business costs.
  • Improvement of internal processes within your company.
  • Creating a more convenient and user-friendly service.
  • Providing opportunities for receiving feedback from customers and staff.
  • It is an additional tool for selling goods.
  • It increases customer loyalty.
  • It increases numbers of repeated sales.
  • It informs customers about offers and promotions.
  • It optimizes internal business processes.
  • There are more than 1.4 billion users.
  • It provides access for many social groups or users, thanks to an ever-increasing number of mobile Android devices.
  • It is an additional mobile service to the web version of a project.
  • It provides analytics and flexibility in developing new versions of an application.

Android application development means:

creating android apps
  • Gives you access to more than 1.4 billion users;
  • Great opportunities for your company.

Solutions from WOXAPP

Creating an Android app is a process which occurs in stages.

  • We analyze popular applications according to different criteria and study them in detail.
  • We develop all the elements of the interface, so that they are user-friendly, understandable and useful.
  • We create a bright and practical design.
  • We compile technical documentation and project architecture.
  • We provide a full testing cycle.
  • We take into account the requirements of Google Play.
  • We provide technical support for the product and ensure the application works correctly on all devices.

What does developing Android apps in WOXAPP mean?

It means detailed business
analysis of the project and
further technical support.

Our work on the project begins with one question: "What does the user want?" We search for answers; and write down all the ideas that arise, and then choose the best ones, make a prototype and analyze the result.

Programming for android and creating android app is based on the preferences and behavior of users. Therefore, the advantage of our applications is the simplicity and the possibility of intuitive use. Send your application for a project cost calculation and to order the development of your mobile application for business.

Flexible development for android according to Scrum

The creation of programs for android is carried out according to the methodology of flexible development called ‘Scrum’. What does it mean?

  • We make a complete list of tasks (the so-called "back-log").
  • We divide it into small sections (called "sprints"). One sprint lasts for 1 week.
  • We gradually program and demonstrate the result after each sprint.

What does it give?

  • You have control over the functionality which is being programmed.
  • You can change the priority of tasks.
  • After each sprint you can see the result of the work. You can try and ‘feel’ the application.

As a result, android app development becomes clear and transparent for you.

creating android apps by scrum

Native Design

Google has created a visual language called Material design - the principles of good design for Android. As with all business wishing to develop android apps, these principles are taken into account to create an understandable and user-friendly interface.

The application must not violate the rules of Google Play. Otherwise it will be blocked. Read more here.

Design of apps

Support and development after delivery

We consult clients after delivery of the project, as well as develop products interactively. You can count on us in the future when developing your project.

Support of apps



Stages of Android app development process:



We begin creating applications for android with the analysis of the target audience, the market and the behavior of a particular audience group.
There is a separate specialist for that called the ‘UX-designer’ (the average duration of the stage is 1-2 weeks).
The result is the following: an analysis of competitors and the market, an understanding of the target audience and the positioning of the application.

Project design

Project design

Now we understand, "Why?" and "To whom?". Next thing is "How?"
An interactive prototype is developed, which shows all the scenarios for using the application. We follow the recommendations of Google and rely on the experience of other applications’ implementation.
The result of this stage is the interactive prototype of the application.

UI design

UI design

After the prototype is approved, we make the design of the application. We try to create designs which look as cool as possible, because we understand that a lot depends on the design, whether the user would want to start the application again, whether it would be convenient and pleasant to use.. etc.
The result of this stage is the design of all application pages with all element views.

Android development and testing

Android development and testing

Having generated the prototype and design, a Technical Task is created, where all the functionality of the future application is registered. The application is programmed and written from scratch. Together with the applications, we also develop a back-end-part. The result of this phase is the operating and tested functionality of the application.

Launching and Google Play placement

Launching and Google Play placement

After the application has passed all tests, we place the mobile application on Google Play.

Cost calculation for Android application development

You get an estimate of the time and cost of the project after a detailed study of all the elements of the system. More details on how the price of the Android application is formed, can be found here.

What are the guarantees and conditions?

guarantees and conditions

All terms of cooperation are stated in the contract, which becomes your guarantee for the fulfillment of our obligations.

The contract secures the fact that the application will be understandable to Android users and will be moderated when placed on Google Play.

In addition, you get:

- Assistance in placing of the developed Android app on Google Play. Analytics system adjustment.
- Accompaniment of the project after its delivery.

Calculate the price to create Android app in just one click:

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