How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

Costs to develop an Android app vary significantly throughout the world as does an average hourly pay for the freelance programmer. According to specialized online resources, an average rate for the developer in 2014 amounted to what may be considered surprising.

Price of Android app

An average cost of a mobile app development in Eastern Europe was from $ 7,500.

  • Cost to make an android app is different Programmers from the USA and Australia, however, asked for $ 50-100 per hour.
  • Specialist programmers, from Western Europe, sell their android app development services for € 60-70 per hour. Please, note that you will have to pay in Euros, whilst developers in Great Britain value their services specifically in pounds sterling at around £ 60-70 per hour.
  • Programmers in Eastern Europe offer similar quality work for $ 25-50. Although programmers from India charge considerably less with an hourly rate in the region of $ 8-30.

To outsource the app development or to trust the local developers?

OS Android: how much it cost

If the money resources allow and you are satisfied with the android app development cost, you can order an app development from the local specialists. The advantages are numerous and include the following: face-to-face communication, you can freely discuss the order nuances at any time, you can keep an eye on the process and understand who and what you are paying for.

On the other hand, it’s often more profitable to outsource the app development order.

It isn’t hard in any country to find a company with the required experience and skills which can be trusted, and which you can control the project remotely. The advantages are: low cost of the development with excellent quality.

In such a case it’s important to understand how the final app development cost is calculated.

Bottom-line price for Android app development depends on the complexity

price of android apps

The bottom-line cost of Android app development depends on the complexity of the task the developers have to fulfill, and how much time it would take them to complete it. It’s clear that every app is unique, but on the whole, apps can be classified according to the level of design and set of functions.

  1. A simple application with basic functionality can be made within 300 hours.
  2. An application of medium complexity will take 400-600 hours of work.
  3. To develop a complex app, for example a social network, will demand more than 600 hours of development.

In order to calculate the preliminary amount of the investments, you should multiply the number of working hours by the average hourly rate of programmers. The formation of the Android app cost is affected by the qualification level of the programmers. The higher the experience and skills, the more expensive the project would be.

The cost of the graphic design, for example app icons or the design of the user interface, should also be taken into consideration.

Special features of the Android apps

The development process of the apps for Android devices requires more time than for iOS devices.

It’s no secret that is is harder to work with ‘Android environment’ due to the diversity of the Android devices and screen sizes. This can be seen with more than 60 companies, throughout the world, producing various smartphones, tablets and ‘phablets’ specifically for Android OS.

Main stages of Android app development

The process of mobile app development can be divided into several stages:

  • Cost estimate (takes 1-3 days).
  • Detailed study of the task, market analysis and study of the competitors (1-5 days).
  • Prototyping. Writing a design specification (5-15 days).
  • Graphic design app for Android (5-15 days).
  • Programming (18-60+ days).
  • Testing (5-10 days).

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Application development and improvement

Development and release of the android app is just the beginning of a long-time cooperation. In order to make investments cost efficient you should monitor the app rating in the shop, then you should expand and improve it until the desired result is achieved.

In about 1 to 2 months you will be able to understand; whether the app is considered to be helpful for users, whether the customers liked it, and the number of downloads reached. With this in mind, you should add the app maintenance cost and improvement cost to the bottom-line price.

Estimated cost of the application

cost of estimation of apps

The specialists of an IT-company make a preliminary estimate of the budget for an android mobile app development. No matter how accurate this estimate it is still just an estimate, all-be-it an educated one. It’s going to be a rough calculation where minimum and maximum costs associated with the project are specified. It’s hard to make a preliminary estimate as to the volume of work at every stage, that’s why the estimate cost of an application is performed twice.

  1. A preliminary rough estimate allows both client and developer to understand the required amount of the investments before concluding the Development Agreement. The estimation takes approximately 3 days and this service wouldn't bind a potential ordering client to anything.
  2. An accurate estimate of the application development cost is stipulated in the Development Agreement where the stages, terms and the end result are described in detail.

During the development process of creating unique applications, there are cases when some tasks shall be added or removed. In such case the bottom-line price of the development changes.

Baring in mind, the more experience in making apps for android with similar functions, the preliminary estimate cost would be more accurate.

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