Nowadays, mobile food delivery application is the most cost-effective and efficient way to attract new customers also to increase their loyalty and get real feedback. This is a direct way to increase sales and profits of cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments. Woxapp is ready to help you develop a food order delivery app which would be well sophisticated to boost your profit margin and effectively and optimally increase your brand awareness.

Types of Businesses a Food Delivery App Will Be Useful For

There are two types of businesses for which this application can be very convenient, useful and profitable:

Users of the application for the delivery of goods are the owners of smartphones who wants to save time and make orders for food delivery, purchased online products, which would be sent to their home or office.

How an App to Order Food Delivery Can Be Used by Businesses?

The application for ordering food from restaurants and cafes is used by chains of food establishments or as a regional startup aggregator, where the user can choose food from many different food establishments. In the latter case, restaurants, and cafes that do not have their own delivery service become partners of the aggregator, which allows them to increase sales through delivery.

The app for delivering food from a supermarket or specialized health food stores is used by food selling companies. Users who value their time and effort prefer to order products home in advance using a mobile application so that they can get their grocery “basket” delivered at a convenient time.

Why Are Mobile Apps for Food Delivery Services Effective?

Apps for food delivery are effective because they are convenient to use, fast to run, easy to navigate, free of charge and engaging. It is critically unwise for the catering business to remain indifferent to food delivery app development when the entire economy is transformed to the side of on-demand models. Modern companies must be flexible in meeting the needs of their customers here and now, and the most targeted way to do it is to create an app for food delivery.

Benefits for a Business

Benefits for Customers

A food delivery app gives users the opportunity to interact with companies in the most convenient and efficient way for both parties to a transaction. Thus, the users of apps for ordering food are able to:

Main Features of Food Delivery Apps

For example, an app to order fast food gives such opportunities to business representatives and customers.

The seller receives:

The buyer receives:

How Do We Create a Food Delivery App

A mobile food delivery application is developed in several stages.

At the first stage, we conduct several in-depth interviews in order to fully understand the company's business processes, analyze the situation on the market and assess the potential demand of a food delivery service app. After that, we define the minimum functionality necessary for the quick launch of MVP.

These opportunities allow a business owner to analyze real statistics and make a decision about the expanding of a food order app functionality. We foresee these opportunities initially at the stage of building the project architecture in order to implement new functions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We develop all projects based on the principles of clean architecture and this makes us flexible in view of the rapidly changing technologies and the emergence of new marketing goals of the client. All the projects that we create have a built-in possibility to be integrated with already existed accounting systems as well.
Our capabilities allow us to develop a branded food delivery application for one restaurant and an aggregator as well. It is also possible to create an app for multi food delivery for a separate delivery service, including dozens of different companies in the search base. Thus, it is possible to add several institutions, shops, etc. to one application.

Food Delivery App Development Stages
  1. Product idea and business expertise
  2. Customers come to our company to implement their idea to create an online food delivery app, web resource or automate business processes. We conduct free business expertise, advise the client and refine the ideological component of the project, taking into account the needs of users.

  3. Project evaluation and an offer
  4. The project is evaluated by the development team. After that, the client receives a preliminary offer to make an app for food delivery.

  5. Prototyping
  6. Understanding what users expect from the application, we proceed to the prototyping process. The competently built interface is a guarantee that the user will quickly find out how the food delivery application will help solve his problem. You get the opportunity to see the functionality of the future food delivery app without the software part.

  7. Product design
  8. We draw the design of all screens and element states. We use the recommendations of Google and Apple to design the application. We make sure that the graphics solutions are clear and easy to use. You get a design that sets you apart from the competitors.

  9. Backlog and development agreement
  10. We meet with the product-owner to discuss the details of the project. The team develops backlog for the entire project together with the customer. After approval of backlog, an agreement is signed.

  11. Sprint planning
  12. It is an agreement with the customer about what development tasks will be performed at the next sprint.

    the project is not completed

    the project is completed

  13. Retrospective
  14. We demonstrate to the customer the results achieved in 2 weeks. The team analyzes the risks and problems, completes the sprint, optimizes the further development process of the application.

Food Delivery App Development Cost: Let’s Discuss It

The cost of this application depends on several factors and, above all, on the complexity of the work. There are the following factors which form the price of a food delivery app development.

Our Approach to Food Delivery App Development and Technologies That Can Be Used

We have already dealt with food delivery app development and this experience allowed us to come up us with an approximate stack of technologies that can be used in on-demand projects creation.



For Android

For iOS

Keep in mind that this list of technologies is incomplete and contains only the most necessary instruments that can be used. We do not accept templated solutions so we will be able to make the final decision on what technologies should be used to create your project only after we have analyzed the specifics of your business and the features you want to realize in your app. This will also directly affect the cost to create a food delivery application.


Thus, food delivery applications are a modern way to stay on the on-demand wave of and a great opportunity to meet the needs of their customers earlier than competitors. In any case, you will become closer to the buyer by running your own mobile order food app or by adding your company to a new mobile aggregator. Do not stand aside and make a preliminary calculation of the cost of your future food delivery application right now From our part, we are ready to discuss independent conditions of cooperation with each company.

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