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WOXAPP is ready to help develop innovative products and solutions for equipment manufacturers in many areas, including :

Our product development services cover the full development cycle, from idea to market entry. We are able to develop both applications for your customers, as well as corporate applications for employees that will be integrated into the business processes and an accounting system already working in the enterprise.


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Discover the Advantages of Business Apps


Today, mobile applications are becoming a powerful marketing tool that allows the company to solve various tasks facing the business. Mobile applications for entrepreneurs and manufacturers can act as both the main and an additional channel to improve business performance. Today even the most conservative industrialists are aware of all the advantages of using mobile technologies. Using these solutions, your enterprise will be able to:

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Let’s consider the statistics in order to prove that industrial mobile applications and technologies are must-have tools for business.


Thus, mobile applications allow you to significantly expand the company's internal infrastructure and optimize business processes, so creating a mobile application today can be a good impetus in the development of your business. Enterprise mobile applications should meet the following requirements:

Main Reasons Your Business Should Have an App: Discovering the Efficiency


Here are the top reasons why the development of this instrument will be beneficial for your business:


What Tasks Would Be Solved in the Practice


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Development of Mobile Applications for Factories and Enterprises: How Do We Do This

Each production is unique, therefore, before starting work, we conduct business analysis. We study the company's production business processes, management, and employees’ expectations. We pay special attention to safety in the development of mobile applications for entrepreneurs and manufacturers. We carefully check and test the business application in order to prevent the leakage of confidential information.


What Are the Main Stages of the Mobile Business App Development?


The development of a mobile application takes place in several stages and begins with business analysis that will enable us to understand the characteristics of your business, production processes, target audience and its needs. After that, the stage of development of concrete decisions begins. Here we will define the structure of the application and its appearance. The last steps are the stage of direct implementation of technologies, control and launch of the application. Thus, the main steps of technologies creation are:

Stages of Development

    analysis and collection of requirements;

    preparing of technical specifications in conformity with your order;


    application design;

    development and testing;

    launching and publishing in Google Play and App Store.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Application for the Industry?

Many factors affect the cost of developing industrial mobile applications. The most significant of them is the complexity of the technologies, design, the presence or absence of corporate style and functionality. The more complex the application, the higher the cost is.


A distinctive feature of our pricing is that we can calculate the price of the order as a whole and not the number of hours that will be required for the development of apps for productions.


The duration of development depends, as a rule, on the specifics of the client's business and desires, as well as on the type of mobile platform. Today, the most relevant are mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Our customers are quite demanding, so they often have a number of requirements for us, which we are ready to meet:


We do not use standard, templated or out-of-the-box solutions. All the projects that our customers entrusted to us were created specifically for every enterprise.



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Let’s Make the Final Decision


To be sure that your business needs a mobile application, let's analyze three main points together.

Your application should be really claimed in practice. In other words, the development of your business should be at such a level that you simply cannot do without a mobile solution to optimize production processes.

You need to understand the profitability of this project:

You must be ready to implement it.

Carefully consider how you will reorganize the work of production with the advent of the application. The introduction of a technological novelty into practice means the revision of previous processes and retraining to work with new ones.

Thus, a mobile business application is the easiest way to always be close to customers, partners or employees. In practice, this means that your production and sales processes will never stop which will bring you much more profits and greater recognition within your field.


Let’s get in touch asap and we will be able to tell you the cost of your project development, right away! It's free and does not oblige you to do anything!


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