As the world moves forward, innovative medicine is developing and bureaucracy is gradually becoming a thing of the past, one of the major factors contributing to this is Mobile health applications.

Woxapp company develops mobile medical apps which will help both doctors (in their medical practice and advanced training) and patients.

All mobile medical applications can be divided into the following categories:

Why is it necessary to create a medical app?

What are the benefits from medical app development?

From medical app development, the most attractive benefit is customer loyalty. Undoubtedly, people will choose those clinics where they will have full and convenient access to all of their medical data, where they can get all the necessary information online and make an appointment or view the results of tests without leaving home. In addition, newsletters and push notifications are also effective in this area and it improves how you keep in touch with the patients.

Medical app development: What are the features you need to implement?

As mentioned earlier, medical and healthcare applications cover a wide range of solutions, that is why the basic features you will need to implement in your app directly depend on the tasks and problems it will have to solve. Here is a list of the basic functions in order to give you an explicit explanation.

Mobile tools for doctors should have:

The main functions of healthcare apps for patients are:

As for pharmaceutical apps, here are the basic features:

If you want to go on a diet or nutrition app, its functionality may include:

How do we develop medical apps for iPhone IOS and Android?

Our main goal is to create a helpful and effective product, for example it can be an iPhone app with medical clinics or Android medical programs. This is the reason why development of medical app for a hospital, clinic or dentistry always starts with business expertise. The internet marketing specialist analyses the market, the audience, competitors and search requests. They also carry out deep research on the demands and expectations of both doctors and patients.

Only with such approach you can be sure of having a useful and reliable app.

Stages of medical applications development
  1. Product idea and business expertise.
  2. People come to our company to realize their idea of a mobile medical application, web resource or automate business processes. We conduct free business-expertise, advise the client and finalize the ideological component of the project, taking into account the needs of users.

  3. Project evaluation and proposal.
  4. The project team is evaluated by the development team. After that, the client receives a preliminary commercial proposal for the development of the medical application.

  5. Prototyping.
  6. Having an understanding of what the users expect from the application, we proceed to the prototyping process. A competently built interface is a guarantee that the user quickly understands how the medical application will help solve the problem. You get an opportunity to look at the functionality of the future application without the software part.

  7. Product design.
  8. We draw the design of all screens and the basic features of a medical application. We use the recommendations of Google and Apple to design the application. We take care that the graphics solutions are understandable and convenient. At the end, you will get a design that will set you apart from the competition.

  9. Backlog and development contract.
  10. Meeting with the product-hunter, discussing the details of the project. The team develops backlog for the whole project together with the customer. After the approval of backlog, the contract on development will be signed by the customer.

  11. Planning a Sprint.
  12. An agreement with the customer on what development tasks that will be performed on the nearest sprint.

  13. Retrospective.
  14. Demonstration to the customer, the results for 2 weeks of development. The team analyzes the risks and problems, completes the sprint, optimizes the further development of the application.

  15. Promotion and achievement of the result.
  16. The difference between our work is that we not only create applications but also promote them. Our customers work with a company that is responsible for all stages of work on the medical app development: from the first button to downloading the application to the users’ feedback.


Smartphones on the iOS platform: iPhone and iPad

Smartphones on the iOS platform: iPhone and iPad

Android smartphones

Android smartphones

Cost of the medical app development

The development cost for mobile medical apps depends on many factors:

​​​​​The cost of a simple app for making arrangements with the doctor or a mobile app for a drugstore will be quite reasonable, while the high technology development for a medical center will be a lot higher.

Requirements of our clients at the stage of project evaluation

Our works

Project calculation

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