How to create a music app and a video app

One of the essential features of a Smartphone is its ability to recognize media files, which includes to play audio files, video files or listening to the radio both offline and online. This device can store gigabytes of informations and present it in high quality and also its functions are actively used in different ways by the device owners.

Some statistics in favor of music(radio) app development

Not only has musical styles and preferences changed over the years, the ways in which we listen to music or radio has changed as well. Present day millennials are not likely to be found using a disc, because most of them started using Youtube from childhood or even at infancy and as result, the popularity of video, radio and music streaming app is growing every year.

According to an online stats report in 2017, Americans listened to 184 billions of songs, 69% of American music-listeners do it every day. The main reason for the study is to understand the increase in demand of this form of entertainment, so, the target audience of such solutions is aimed not only for the fact that they enjoy the service by listening to music, listening to the radio or to watch free video, but that they are ready to pay for it. An estimate of 48% the target audience in America is ready to pay for the radio or music solution of high quality and this indicator is at 43% for the UK, in conformity with same source.

Basic capacities of mobile audio and video apps

It is very useful to everyone: for ordinary people, music and radio lovers, musicians, DJs, photographers, fitness instructors and others, because it offers the ability to:

Create your own music app: What type to choose

As you already know, the concept of a music (video, radio) app is quite broad, as it may include:

Basic functions to implement in order to create a music video app

Of course, a lot of things will depend on the what type of app to create, however, here is a list of the basic functionalities your users would like to see in any case.

How do we create apps for radio, audio and video?

If you want to create a video or music video app, you have come to the right place! We create radio, music apps and video apps. Creation of mobile app for music listening, radio translation or recording and watching video goes through several stages.

Stages of development:
  1. Product idea and business expertise.
  2. People come to our company to realize their idea of a mobile music application, web resource or automate business processes. We conduct free business-expertise, advise the client and finalize the ideological component of the project, taking into account the needs of users.

  3. Project evaluation and proposal.
  4. The project team is evaluated by the development team. After that, the client receives a preliminary commercial proposal for the development of the music (radio, video) application.

  5. Prototyping.
  6. After having understood what the users expect from the application, we proceed to the prototyping process. A competently built interface is a guarantee that the user will quickly understands how the music application can help solve their problem. You will get an opportunity to look at the functionality of the future application without the software part.

  7. Product design.
  8. We draw the design of all screens and the basic features of a music application, for this we use the recommendations of Google and Apple to design the application. We take care that the graphics solutions are understandable and convenient. At the end, you will get a design that will set you apart from the competition.

  9. Backlog and development contract.
  10. Meeting with the product-hunter, discussing the details of the project. The team develops backlog for the whole project together with the customer. After the approval of backlog, the contract on development is signed with the customer.

  11. Planning a Sprint.
  12. An agreement with the customer on what development tasks that will be performed on the nearest sprint.

  13. Retrospective.
  14. A demonstration to the customer, the results for 2 weeks of development. The team analyzes the risks and problems, completes the sprint, optimizes the further development of the application.


Smartphones on the iOS platform: iPhone and iPad

Smartphones on the iOS platform: iPhone and iPad

Android smartphones

Android smartphones

Audio and video app cost

The development cost for such type of apps is individual for every project and depends on many factors:

Please note that we specify the cost for the project, but not for the time spent on its development.

Requirements of our clients at the stage of project evaluation


The Service for preliminary estimation of the app developmental cost is free of charge. So, find out the cost of your project now..

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