Looking for a new way to inform your guests about parties, sales, promotions and unique events? Now it’s easy to get in front of your customers - use a mobile application for entertainment center.


Your customers will welcome your mobile app on their smartphones!

People will be happy to download Android or iOS app to find out«Where, what and how much?» All you have to do is to keep the information up to date.

Mobile apps for nightclubs

Custom mobile nightclub apps is a great investment, which will set you apart your competitors and increase brand awareness. The most advanced customers will be yours!

By the way, the cost to develop a mobile app for your nightclub is reasonable, especially considering what dividends it’ll bring you.

Mobile app for shopping centers

Referring potential customers to your website? So last century! Ordering a custom mobile app development for shopping center has a much greater potential! Customers can find what they need: clothes, shoes, discounts, food, promotions, news, etc. Everything that a visitor wants to know about your shopping center is in the mobile app!

A visitor can plan a route, view available parking spots, book movie tickets.

For example: a photo exhibit - children's center (leave your child) - perfume store (Sale!) - bank - electronics store - children's center (pick up the child) - cafe (new on the menu!).

WOXAPP will help you make your nightclub or shopping center even more popular!

Look at our portfolio and order a cost estimate.

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