Several factors affect the formation of the cost. The most prominent is the cost per hour of an IT-specialist. Each IT-engineer and development company settle charges according to their professional level / experience, competition inside the sector and location. For example, in Switzerland the services for app development will be higher than in Romania, although both having the same standard of quality.

iOS app development cost

So let’s think it over, “Is it better to work with a local IT-company or to outsource?” Take a look at the pricing structure worldwide, and maybe this will help you decide?

How much does it cost to develop an iOS app ?

An average cost of mobile app development in Eastern Europe is from $ 7500.

How much does it cost to build an iOS app? Here, we have provided our findings from our private study (analysis) of the IT-market on the Elance platform. Individual freelancers and outsourcing IT-companies, in industrialized and developing countries, charge a different price per hour for mobile app development.

That’s why the market researchers recommend choosing a performer according to the best possible combination of asking price and quality provided.


iOS app development: cost depends on the complicity

Project size depends on whether or not the following will be used:

To create an iOS app a programmer spends a definite amount of time, and the simpler the project, the faster its implementation. In order to count up a preliminary price you have to multiply the hourly payment of an IT-engineer by the time consumed.

According to the functionality, the apps are divided into basic, medium-complexity and complex ones. Their approximate cost is:

  1. It takes up to 2 months to build a simple application for iPhone, with basic functionality, which usually costs 5-10 thousand US dollars.

  2. It takes more than 2 months to develop a complex app, and it will cost in the region of 12-24 thousand US dollars.

  3. Development of iPad and iPhone apps of high complexity; with an extensive database, and perfect Design, can last for more than 6 months, and the expenditures will be 30-50 thousand US dollars.


Stages of iOS app development and work with AppStore

The process of app development goes through several stages, which are obligatory for all the projects. However, they don’t depend on their complexity and labour intensity.

An average app under development undergoes several assumed stages:

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Relevance of the expenditure for supporting older versions of iOS


Until a new iOS app wins users’ confidence, becomes helpful and suitable, and achieves a steady position in the ranking, older versions will be technically supported, improved and developed. Also responsibility for the advertising expenses will be retained.

Taking into consideration the efficiency of the new iOS versions release, the support of the older versions may no longer serve its purpose.

Is there any difference between Android and Apple app development cost?

In fact, Android app development cost is equal to the iPhone application development cost. The only thing worth mentioning, is that it’s harder to work with Android environment due to the diversity of the Android devices and screen sizes. For this simple reason, the development process requires more time for Android than for iOS. The cost to develop apps for older versions of Android OS and iOS OS will be certainly higher.

Estimate cost for iOS mobile application

Financial expenditures for the app development should be calculated at least twice.

The first time is when the specialists from the development company perform a preliminary rough estimate, in order to let the ordering client understand the amount of possible future investments. The estimation takes approximately 3 days, it is free of charge and, of course, non-binding.

What is more, to make the preliminary calculations of the labour effects for each function of a mobile app, is a difficult task. There are a lot of nuances which can affect the bottom-line cost of iPhone app development.

Any estimated cost of mobile app development has two variants of the price: minimum and maximum costs associated with the project. At the first stage, it would be enough to make a decision whether or not to continue the project.

Secondly, they perform an accurate estimate of the application cost in order to conclude an official ‘Development Agreement’, where the stages, terms, and the end result are stipulated in detail. However, even after making all necessary provisions, sometimes the app development price can be reconsidered. During the development process, some functions can be found unnecessary, and some may be added. This is a normal process for any project under development.

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