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Hello! My name is Bogdan and I am the lead android developer at the WOXAPP Company.




Here I will explain you why dozens of clients from all over the world choose to work with our company and what the process of developing Android apps in our company looks like.

These are just a few of the advantages of working with us:
  • Our company is located in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). This makes the costs a little lower, yet you will still work with the Android developers who competed tons of complex projects of creating app for android for the clients around the world.
  • Our portfolio, geographic scope of our work and positive feedback substantiate the high level of professional expertise of our team.
  • You will be assigned a personal account manager who will oversee and control the project, and always stay in touch.
  • Contractual commitments are secured by signing a contract.

We have worked with the companies for the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine and other countries.


Phases of Android app development in our company


Analysis and goal setting for android app

The first phase is spearheaded by an internet marketer (during the second phase he acts as a UI/UX designer) who conducts an analysis of the target audience, researches the objective of an application, analyses competition, studies customer feedback, etc.

For example: How often do people make purchases using mobile phones? Or: Where geographically do people make online purchases using smartphones?

android app developmentProgramming for android

Frequency of purchases using smartphones


USA/ several times a day

USA/ once a week

USA/ less than once a month

USA/ several times a week

USA/ several times a month

Place of making a purchase

Age group

Russia/ at home

Russia/ on the go

Russia/ at a restaurant

Russia/ at the doctor’s office

Russia/ at work

Russia/ at the store

Russia/ at a coffee shop


Maxim Lyalin - UX designer for android app

«Our clients get a comprehensive competitive analysis of a future application, breakdown of the functional part (convenience and clarity), analysis of reviews, ratings and search queries.»

Maxim Lyalin, internet marketing specialist/ UI/UX designer.



Prototyping during development of Android apps

So, now we understand “why” and “for who”, and next we need to determine “how.” To do that we create a prototype or flow-chart, which demonstrates all functional elements.

This is what a flow-chart looks like:

create android app

To create it, we use our previous projects of application development, latest research and books on interface development. You can see the recommended list of books in our library.


Application design

I haven’t yet touched upon inspiration and design. We, android developers, are not really into all that design talk, but our guys here create truly cool and amazing things! Just take a look at these:

Android app iconAndroid app icon 2create android appdevelopment android

«Sometimes one application can have up to 15 versions of icons. We understand how important each design element is to the success of an application.

Design determines whether the users will want to launch the application again, or whether they’ll find it easy and fun to use.»

Egor Tkachenko, web designer.


Programming for Android

Finally, this is the phase where I am, as Android app developer, come in. Once we have a prototype and design completed, we put together a Specification of requirements which specifies all functional details of a future application.

android application development

Each application’s software is designed and programmed "from scratch." We don’t use any programs to accelerate the process (such as Framework) at the expense of functionality.

Unlike some other developer companies Android programmers, which take care only of the application development, we also undertake the development of complex server side (check out how we did WORDWOX).

If you would like to discuss the process of writing a code in more detail, we can easily do it in person or via Skype.

So, how much does it cost to create an Android application?

The unique aspect of our pricing is that we charge for the project, and not for the time we spend working on it.

Thanks to the optimized staff structure, geographical location and optimized and streamlined processes within the team, we have the luxury to offer you the prices for the application development that are too good to pass.


What guarantees can we offer?

All the terms and conditions of our cooperation we reinforce by signing an agreement, which is your guarantee that we will deliver on our promises and obligations.

You also get a guarantee that your application will be easy and intuitive to use by all Android users and will go through the moderation when featured in Google Play Market.

Additionally, you will get the following:

• Assistance in submitting your application to Google Play Market
• Assistance in setting up your analytic systems
• Ongoing maintenance of the project even after it was completed

If you are still at the stage of choosing the right platform, we can provide you with comprehensive analytical data for your region as part of our service package.

  Don’t overlook important details

Conversion icon, memorable and distinguished screenshots, promotional description of the application, the right keywords – all these and other details and nuances of the development, design and marketing processes will help making your application even more successful.

Working with us, you will get a thorough and attentive engineering of all of these details, plus the added advantage of the experiences of our previous successfully completed projects.

To summarize, these are the main reasons why our clients chose our services when they are looking to develop Android Apps:

• Analysis and problem solving approach. You get the solution and not more questions.
• Extensive experience of implementing the most complex projects
• Guaranteed delivery of our obligations, reinforced by a contract
• The pricing of Android applications development that won’t shock you

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