Currency converter Price Helper recognizes prices using a camera; more than 140 currencies are available. 

Development time: 2 months. Budget: 4 300 USD.

Currency converter Price Helper

The essence of the application is to help travelers navigate different prices.

Just three simple steps:

Our objective is to make a simple, intuitive application.


Market analysis

There are already plenty of free currency converters which operate on the principle of a calculator. Typically, they come together with exchange rates or measurements converters (weight, size).  

Summary table of the researched free and paid applications.

mobile app Price Helper

User reviews

Reviews have shown that some users are travelers. They want to have a desired currency and be able to easily find it. It is important that the source of the exchange rate was the one to which they are accustomed to. They want an application in their native language, with the ability to add their own currency. No advertising and minimum traffic. 

Key aspects from the reviews is simplicity and speed of operation.



Price Helper mobile applications development


We create several design concepts based on the following criteria: user-friendliness, ease of use, speed.

design mobile app

Then we draw all the pages for the selected concept.

design mobile applications


The main screen of the application.

price helper development

History of conversions and a list of currencies. 

price helper development app

If necessary, you can set your own currency, and also set the automatic detection of «local» currency. 

price helper developing


Icon of mobile app

Work on the icon, consider various options

icon mobile app design

Work on different elements, handle 200 flags.

elements of mobile app development

developing elemants of apps

Requirements of our clients at the stage of project evaluation




Project calculation

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