Yoga Teacher is a great app for practicing yoga at home. It uses a smart device camera and a sophisticated motion recognition algorithm to interactively monitor and measure the accuracy of asanas performed by the user.

Yoga Teacher mobile app

Task Definition of Creating Yoga App for Beginners

The best yoga app for iPhone and iPad will be an interactive training solution for yoga beginners, helping them improve their skills through practice for weight loss. 

The self-trainer yoga teacher app uses a device camera to track the user’s posture and movement, then compares it against multiple parameters of a pre-programmed asana and calculate the accuracy percentage.

Yoga Teacher app development


We had to identify the most suitable method for posture tracking through the camera. The algorithm has to compare positions of matching points on the user’s body and the reference body, then calculate the accuracy percentage for the asana.

We had do discard several formulas due to issues with discerning a body from the background. For example, we used a Euclidean metric formula to calculate distances from corner points and determine the posture based on the results, but we had to reject this method later.

The technology in the product must now only discern the body from the background properly, but also do it in real time, without making the user wait.

Creation of a minimum viable product

Once we have developed the technology sufficient for an MVP, we tested it on a number of real yoga exercises, involving both beginners and advanced practitioners. In order to improve the quality of posture recognition, we made a decision to distinguish between male and female users.

Yoga Teacher creating app

Our team has conducted 3 iterative rounds of user testing, with interim evaluation and correction of parameters. We have managed to eliminate defects and achieve maximum accuracy in asana recognition in development of app.  

Yoga Teacher mobile applications

app for practicing yoga at home

mobile app for practicing yoga


Our specialists have studied an OpenCV computer vision library and found methods to implement it into iOS. The incorporation of recognition module into iOS was not an easy task. The technology was based on C++, which is not an OOP language, and this created conflicts with objective-c.

development app for practicing yoga

Design Concepts of Yoga Teacher App

The yoga teacher training app has to be easy to use, with simple and comfortable user interaction.  

The visual design has to be pleasing to the eye, but at the same time inspire users to practice yoga.

Based on this, we prepared 3 concepts:

applications for practicing yoga development

applications for ios yoga teacher

yoga teacher app

UI Design of Yoga Teacher iOs App

The app contains 24 fully functional exercise sets for beginners and advanced practitioners to attain their fitness goals, e.g. weight loss. After each exercise, asana accuracy graphs are displayed, making it easy for the user to track their progress through practice. A calendar is included for recording the practice history and results as well as for planning future practice sessions.

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yoga mobile app

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yoga teacher app for iphone

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