ZealStep is a unique application where virtual money is assessed for the steps you have walked and which can be exchanged for the purchase of discounts in the gyms, fitness centers, for buying items for sport and health. You can find detailed information about the app in the case on our website.

Design of the ZealStep for Apple Watch

Out team has created design of the app for App Watch. The app helps to collect information about the activities, training routes, receiving messages through the Apple Watch interface.


Main screen

The concept and main elements of the design for the “smart watch” have been created on the basis of the iOS app design.

Developing the app, we have taken into account the fact that the app will be used during the jogging sessions. It means that a small screen which is constantly moving shall have a great deal of information.

We had to cut down on the functions and elements, keeping only the ones which are important for the training.

The advantage of the solution is the possibility to use the running app with maximum comfort. The watch doesn’t restrict movements, you can view the screen without taking a pause to stop in training.

Design concept:


Workouts screen

When working out, it’s important to see the current indices “on the move”: the kilometers, the number of steps you have walked, the time of workout and the calories. We have created the screens which select the type of activity, start / pause, current data for different types of workouts.

You can walk, jog, go cycling.


Achievements section

Achievements and “coins of health” which can be exchanged for the discounts in the stores are essential elements of motivation in training with ZealStep.

Convenient mode of viewing the achievements in the smart watch will help to reach the desired goals.



Project calculation

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