Mobile apps development

We make highly demanded software. Mobile applications and web projects are highly demanded by users.
Since 2011 we have been developing mobile apps for Android, iOS and web applications for businesses and startups. During this time we have implemented more than 50 projects. Our clients are from the USA, and Europe including Switzerland and Germany. We have helped our clients in a number of ways such as: automating business processes, creating startup projects, increasing sales and improving service.

Create mobile app

Do you need to make your business as customer-focused as possible? Do you need to attract new customers? Do you need to work with existing customers on a regular basis? Do you want to do this automatically, without hiring new employees or without additional workload for employees?
If you answered yes to these questions, then ask yourself one more. Does your business need help with developing an app?

Smartphone application development

The mobile application will tell your customers about the services and products you offer; about discounts and special offers, where to find and how to contact you.
There are several advantages to creating applications for smartphones. For example; the user can perform the desired action in just a few touches of the screen. e.g. Make a doctor’s appointment, choose a time and specialist at a hairdresser’s, book a table in a restaurant or order pizza delivery.

Custom application development

Custom mobile app development has its own characteristics. When we create interesting and useful applications for different smartphones, we study their technical requirements and tasks. Mobile application development is a labor-consuming, step-by-step process. i.e. The idea, monitoring of top applications, creating an interface and design, testing, launching, technical support.

Native app development

Our team is focused on the native app development of mobile Android and iOS applications. We use such programming languages as java, swift and objective C. We consider all possibilities when contracted to develop an app and we create fast and convenient mobile applications with the best user experience.

From the idea to a highly demanded product


The team's experience is aimed at creating highly demanded IT products. What does this mean?

Having run the application once, users understand how it helps them and how to use it. They like the design and usability of the interface, hence they return to the application.

The development process is designed to release a popular product. This includes:

- Analysis of tasks before the development.
- Detailing of product hypotheses at the stage of prototyping.
- Design of all screens and views.
- Detailed technical specification.
- Individual choice of technical solutions.
- Full cycle of product testing, publication assistance.
- Project support and development.
Product first

We focus on the product. We conduct interviews with users, listen to their needs and analyze their business processes in detail. Our team carries out a full cycle of development: analysis, design, programming, testing and launching.

Full development cycle

Our staff can create software of any complexity and includes engineers, UX / UI - designers and QA-specialists, as well as project managers. Although WOXAPP is a successful mobile developer, we also create a back-end part for applications. These can be administrative panels, API, work with databases and web applications.


A highly demanded product needs a good design. The best user experience; convenient navigation, the use of native components, careful selection of colors and fonts, a catchy icon. We pay attention to the ‘nativeness’ - we follow Google and Apple guidelines. All applications are tested on real users.

For start-ups

All too often we see many products which are overloaded with features. Development is dragging out and projects are not taking off.

Our team develops MVP and releases the project as soon as possible. To do this, we use Scrum, to conduct business ideas verification and a full cycle of product testing. With this approach, you can participate in the development process and control every stage.

We help with the publication of the application, we accompany and improve your product at every stage.

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