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  • First the product. Concentrate on the product. We conduct interviews with users, listen to their needs and do a detailed analysis of business processes. Our team does a full development cycle: analysis, design, programming, testing and launch. We help with the publication of the application, we accompany and improve your product.
  • Design. The claimed product needs a good design. The best user experience: convenient navigation, the use of native components, careful selection of colors and fonts, a bright icon. Pay attention to the nature - we work on the guidelines from Google and Apple. We test applications on real users.
  • Full development cycle. Engineers, UX / UI designers, QA-specialists, project managers - there are specialists in the staff to create software of any complexity. WOXAPP is a mobile developer, but we also do a back-end part for applications. These can be administrative panels, APIs, working with databases, web applications.
  • For start-ups. Too many products are overloaded with features. Development is dragging out and projects are not taking off. Our team develops MVP and releases the project as early as possible. To do this, we use Scrum, conduct business ideas verification and a full cycle of product testing. You participate in the development process and control every step.

100 +


Implemented more than 100 projects for platforms iOS, Android, as well as Web projects

45 mln


Users rate our applications in the App Store and Play Market. Average rating: 4.7

2nd place


2 place in the Runet rating among developers of mobile applications in Ukraine, 2015

2011 - 2018


We combine design, technology and expertise to transform your ideas into products

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The team's experience is aimed at creating demanded IT products. What does it mean? By running the application, users understand what problem it solves, understands how to use it, they like the design and usability of the interface, they return to the application. The development process is built in such a way as to produce a popular product:
  • Analyzing tasks before development
  • Detailing Product Hypotheses in the Prototyping Phase
  • Design of all screens and states
  • Detailed Terms of Reference
  • Individual choice of technical solutions
  • Complete product testing cycle, help with publication
  • Project support and development
Our company for the development of mobile applications uses the methodology of flexible development of Scrum. In short, this is:
  • create a list of tasks
  • divided into small iterations (sprints)
  • stage by stage we develop and demonstrate after each sprint.
  • You control the development and testing process, the quality of the code. Prioritize tasks and know what functions are being developed.
We conduct a detailed analysis of business processes, consider how applications will improve and accelerate them. Automate jobs and reduce costs, increase sales and increase market share, improve the quality of the company's services. Writing mobile applications in WOXAPP is a well-designed interface, native development of mobile applications, further support and promotion of the project
Conclusion of the contract, phased payment, clear terms and stages of creating applications for smartphones, regular personal meetings and online consultations, personal manager - all these are your guarantees of successful implementation of the project. Would you like to create a mobile application? Before the start of work, you will be told the terms and cost of development, and all requirements are formalized at the design stage of the application in the form of the Terms of Reference.
For startups, we try to release MVP as soon as possible. To do this, we use Scrum (the methodology of flexible development) - you participate in the development process and control every stage. At the design stage, we conduct a review of business ideas and a full cycle of product testing by the application development team. We accompany projects after delivery. Our Ukrainian company is developers of mobile applications, designers, QA-specialists, managers.
Want to increase sales from the site? Then take care of an additional mobile sales channel. You need to get into the client's smartphone. 4 reasons to create a mobile application for a web resource: quick access of customers to goods; constant communication with the CA; growth in repeat sales; regular sales. Do not know where to start developing the application? Ask us. Woxapp specialists can develop and design a mobile application with convenient functionality in one style with the site.
The development of applications for mobile devices has its own characteristics. Creating interesting and useful applications for different smartphones, we study their technical data and the OS version. Developing applications for smartphones is a time-consuming, step-by-step work: idea, monitoring of top applications, creating an interface and design, testing, launching, technical support. We create high-quality applications for phones on platforms: Android, iOS.
The question "How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?" Is not entirely correct. In such an area as the creation of applications, the price is formed based on the functionality of the conceived application. Calculate the cost of creating a mobile application on this page.
Creating applications at a cost is several times cheaper than the content of your own PR-service, a 24-hour secretary and a manager to attract customers. And on the functionality and the amount of work done - you get the same! Once you have paid for the development of the application, you only need to support its work and process orders and accept customers.
The mobile application will tell you what services and products you offer; about discounts and special offers; where to find you, how to contact. The advantage of creating applications for smartphones is that the user can perform the desired action by several touches to the screen of a smartphone or tablet: make an appointment with a doctor, choose a time and the master in a hairdresser, reserve a table in a restaurant, order a pizza home ... All this provides the development of applications for mobile devices.
Before contacting a company, people are looking for solution about their problem or need. Only then, Woxapp - Developers of mobile apps, would make the decision in your favor. Creating an application or web resource will make acquaintance of potential customers with your company enjoyable for them and useful for you.
Do you need to make your business as customer-focused as possible? Do you need to attract new customers? Do you need to work on an ongoing basis with existing customers? Do you want to do this automatically, without attracting new people to the state or without additional workload for employees? And now answer, do you need your business to create a mobile application?

Want an app? Tell us about your business