WOXAPP is a company with a long-standing experience of messenger chat apps development for Android, iOs. Messenger application is highly demanded nowadays around the world. These brilliant software solutions help users to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and customers worldwide, making the startups extremely successful, leading and famous.

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How to Create Chat App, Messenger for Android, iOS

If you are thinking about how to make a messaging app popular and widely used, taking into account the current market situation, we can develop a user-friendly and really efficient mobile application, especially for your business.

Upon your request, our experienced professionals advise you:

Quite naturally, due to multiple extremely popular mobile messengers available on the market, it may seem to be quite difficult to offer a unique software product to the users, to catch their interest. However, it can be a target-oriented application for messenger that meets the needs of the certain business areas such as express delivery or taxi services, as well as social networking requirements. The basic features such as voice and video calls, push notifications, file sharing, security and smooth running are all possible with our talented developers. We are all well-versed and used to creating in the best, cost-efficient and successful way.

The Messenger Apps Popularity Rating

Amounting to 3.7 billion users, mobile internet is becoming extremely popular, and messengers are among the most heavily used apps. They provide the opportunity to chat and send various files instantly, saving a lot of time.

Thus, according to Statista, 55% of UK users receive or send text messages several times a day using their phones. The leading messenger apps in the world are What’s App, Viber, Line and WeChat.

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Meanwhile, smartphone owners often download and use two or several messengers simultaneously, enjoying their benefits and functionality. According to the latest DMR study, an average Chinese user opens and checks WeChat not less than 10 times a day. Chatting becomes an essential part of our lives, so the business area is prosperous and promising.

Meanwhile, our experienced developers and web designers can create the best task-oriented messenger application for you. We develop the most reliable, cost-efficient and dynamic, secure software solution that is the most suitable for high-load systems, adding the necessary features, according to your requirements and the best world practices, considering the leading companies’ experience. Analyzing the available software solutions’ strengths and weaknesses, we do our best for your business.

How to Create a Commercially Successful Messaging App?

Taking into account the tough competition on the market, we create a messaging app that is feature-rich, designed especially for the target audience, such as youths, single mothers, taxi drivers, etc. Several software solutions with similar functionality and interface design can co-exist on the market, being essential for mobile phone users. Designed for the special purposes, they just have to be original, intuitive and attractive.

Our Expertise and Approach

Virtually all of the unique, task-oriented mobile apps developed by Woxapp Company come with messenger functionality to enable smooth and easy communication between guests and restaurant employees, taxi drivers and passengers, internet users that look for the safe and reliable free Wi-Fi hotspots. It helps e-commerce shops promote their goods fast and efficiently, using chat box and VoIP service (Voice over IP).

Creating a messenger, we build not only the basic features that were appropriate of the first famous messaging apps (What’s App, Viber and Skype), such as chat, audio and video calls, but ensure the possibility to expand its functionality, and add new opportunities.

Developing the app architecture, our creative professionals make provision of the new features that will be in demand in future.

Our Approach to the Architecture Development

Creating a messaging app, we build the system that is not only modular but perfect, flexible, scalable and testable. Here, at WOXAPP Company, we are the followers of the legendary software professor and craftsman, Robert C. Martin and his Clean Architecture concept. We divide the app architecture into the independent layers where the data objects, domain logic and the outline are separated and can be modified independently. As to the server part, we pay great attention to the tools that enable us to make not only the codes but the whole system infrastructure scalable.

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Flexibility, Accessibility and Testability

When we build a messaging app, we can use the suitable modules, that were created by our experienced programmers before, and customize them, according to the business needs, building the necessary functionality. The custom modules, for example, live chat, or file transfer services can be written from scratch, by our dedicated developers.

Later, when the mobile app is updated, a separate module or just a code part can be modified to improve the messenger functionality, according to the users’ reviews; security, according to the newest safety risks and threats, increase the network capacity. This approach provides us with the knowledge of how to make a messaging app feature-rich, flexible, scalable and easy to update.

Additionally, a messenger commonly involves several access levels, for example:

A website can be created additionally, and the proper communication between the modules and systems is definitely ensured.

Creat Messanger - Tools and Technologies

We select the programming tools in terms of the application for messenger and the whole software solution stability. Our development style, utilizes these tools, adjusting them according to the architecture.

PHP programming language is successfully used in multiple large projects, including What’s App, Facebook, Stack Overflow. In terms of productivity, the language is not worse than the other languages, but its benefits are:

We use PHP language as it enables us to build a messaging app system efficiently, without compromising its productivity. 

Node JS, Being based on the popular and easy to code JavaScript language, the platform is non-blocking, data-streaming and dynamic. It is well-built, enabling creation of high-load systems. Node JS enables up to 10,000 connections simultaneously and, therefore, it’s recommended for socket connections, for example, for chats.

What is the Best Database for the Messenger?

Rethink is the NoSQL DB we use to create a messenger app. Its productivity is higher than of all available counterparts. Its reQL metacompiler is going to be built-in as a subject-oriented language to the language that is used to write a customer’s application.

The database tables store the JSON-documents that allow any nesting level. Any document comes with the unique, primary “id” key. Referring to it, you get the necessary document. Every ReQL-request deals with the data that are received from the previous network feature, and it enables us to build a more flexible architecture for high-load projects without thinking about the data structures complexity.

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The basic counterpart for the NoSQL DBMS is MongoDB that is popular, but not efficient for dealing with the documents, as when you delete them, the corresponding disk space is not cleared out.

We always focus on business logic, making a messenger architecture especially for the purpose that is highly efficient and top-quality, enabling feature-rich application performance.

Why Do We Use Native App Design Elements?

As Android and iOS have different interface-building fundamentals, we insist on using native design elements. This approach lets users get the best text readability and accessibility results on all smartphone versions that come with different screen dimensions. Additionally, the native design is helpful for enhancing the app performance and speed due to the perfect internal communication. Thus, we create Android messenger app separately from the one that is designed for Apple and Mac devices, making both of them unique, attractive and user-friendly.

The App Productivity

There are some designing nuances that let the users avoid any misunderstanding. They concern:

The user has to be informed about the reason to wait and the traffic volume that is being consumed at the moment.

What are the Basic Features?

The messenger application for mobile is to come with the possibility to listen to the voice message before sending it, or at once after it was sent with the possibility to correct the mistake and delete the message, marking it as the corrected one.

When we create messenger app for Android or iOS, we work hard to provide: the chat convenience that implies internal file search; privacy; data security;

As not only text messages, but various photo, video documents are sent and transferred, they are to be found easily within the correspondence. The knowledge of how to create a texting app is much more simple and intuitive, but still essential. Additionally, the possibility to identify the person is to be completely eliminated, and the message sending is to be completely reliable, without any hacking risk.


The personalities within the chat are recognized without any binding to the phone number or the user location, and a “One-time cipher” is commonly used for this purpose. All operations such as invitations to the groups, etc. are created by the user personally, by means of the unique lock code.

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How much Does It Cost to Have a Messenger Developed?

As every app is unique and task-oriented, we estimate the cost of the messenger app for Android or iOS developing depending on the time necessary for its creation. We estimate it according to your requirements, business tasks and the app complexity.

The Cost of Promotion and Support

Our talented professionals know perfectly well how to make messenger efficient, user-friendly and popular. Our team commonly starts with the detailed interviews and market studies, offering you to sign the contract beforehand and confirm the prototype. 

The marketing budget includes:

Testing and the app publication are the essential, but not the final stages of our mutually beneficial cooperation. We provide consulting, troubleshooting services and updates for our valued customers.

After the app is launched, it is to be updated and modified. It’s necessary to:


What to Start The App Development with?

We start the custom messenger app development with the targets setting.

So, contact us to discuss your messengers app building needs, requirements and challenges for free and order a task-oriented, highly efficient application for your business.

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