Technologies have been designed to meet our daily needs and make our lives more convenient, apparently they have successfully carried out their required functions. Just a couple of buttons touched on the smartphone screen is able to fulfill almost any request of its owner. The current users and even millennials want the most modern and sophisticated things to the bone. We invite you to take part in the race for customer's satisfaction and to create an on-demand app together with us.

On-Demand Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In 2014, Business Insider made a forecast that the economy on-demand will flourish in the next years. From a scientific point of view, this stage of economic development is defined as the economic activity of technological companies, responding to consumers request with the immediate provision of goods and services.

The figures clearly indicate that this area continues to evolve:

What Does This Mean for Startups

This means that now the ground for creating on-demand apps is blessed like never before. The theory of unlimited users need is as relevant as ever. All that needs to be done is to come up with a cool idea of the on-demand delivery app, find out how popular it will be among modern users and move forward towards implementation. To facilitate this path, Woxapp will tell you about the on-demand delivery app developmental process.

On-demand Apps Types

The Most Successful On-Demand App Examples

One Step Before On-Demand Mobile App Development: Drawing a User’s Portrait

Before you begin on-demand service app development, you need to understand who your customers are. The portrait of the average on-demand app user is as follows:

Features That Should Be Realised

At the beginning of the on-demand app developmental process, it is reasonable to think about the MVP (minimum viable product) in order to analyze the customers’ feedback and gradually expand the functionality. There are basic  features that should be implemented at this stage:

It may also be specific features that are inherent only to on-demand service apps:

If this is a delivery application, then the mandatory features are:

If the application implies the need to select products (for example, food delivery from stores), then you need to think about:

Woxapp Approach

The basis of our approach is that we think over the architecture in order to be able to:

Other important features of our approach are: 

In order to evaluate our approach, we invite you to take a look on our already completed and successful projects. 


As a rule, we create apps on demand relying on SCRUM methodology. This ensures maximum involvement of our team in the development process, as well as effective interaction with the customer and his authorized representatives. 

Technologies Used

Of course, the list of technologies used will be different for each application, since each solution solves a specific problem. Based on our experience, we can list the following technologies.



For Android

For iOS

on-demang architecture

On-demand App Development Cost

Thus, on-demand app development cost will be individual for every project. The main factors that affect the price include:

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