Creating Kiosk application for Android

The task for the development team: to create an app for reading news resources. 
Development time: 1.5 months​
Budget: 3 800 USD

Kiosk is a collection of Russian and international publications. All known sites of newspapers, magazines, TV channels and resources are divided into thematic categories: sports, women, hunting and fishing, and so on.

You can add your own sites, bookmark the most interesting ones.

Konstantin Gavrylenko, the head of the company.


Market analysis

There have been players in this market for a long time, "the newspaper applications" that pull content from news websites.

All applications that we were able to find are based on the format of providing the content that exists somewhere else. These are web page of news sites or PDF files of offline magazines. The number of downloads is comparable with magazines.

Lyalin Maxim, internet marketing specialist.


Newspapers and magazines cover different needs. That is why the idea of bringing them together is questionable. They have different content, different needs and audiences.

We came to the conclusion: we have something to show. Our competitors are not sufficiently developed to make it impossible to move them.



Think through the logic of the application. 

The prototype was developed for two platforms: smartphones and tablets.

Design concept

Reading news – a process that is centuries old. Flipping pages, morning coffee, a crumpled newspaper under your arm ... and not some phone!

That is why the designer’s main task was to make the application user friendly while considering a new paradigm of information consumption.

Egor Tkachenko, designer.


Develop the design of all the pages.

On the home screen a user is given the catalogue of all publishers.

Icon for the application


Work out the animation


People who worked on the project:

Project manager: Konstantin Gavrilenko
Designer: Egor Tkachenko
Software Engineer: Nikita Sizincev
Internet marketer: Lyalin Maxim
Technical director: Dmitry Moskalenko
Art director: Shchap Artem


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