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Since 2011 we have helped numerous clients create an app for iphone. In this time we have been developing our skill ios mobile app developments, knowledge and experience to help you increase sales, increase customer loyalty and optimize business processes. We also incorporate MVP and startups.

Developing iOS apps in WOXAPP

Within our process of ios mobile app development, we analyze the target audience, in detail, which ensures the apps we create are highly demanded applications. This, in turn, ensures the best user experience. We develop and create your app according to Agile.

The benefits of iOS application development in WOXAPP




Best UX

Highly demanded software


Through our dedicated team of experts, we work hard to develop the best problem solutions in our endeavor to develop iphone apps. We carry out a detailed analysis of the target audience, market and competitors. Working closely with our designers and programmers we create well thought out designs with optimal usability.

We work with enthusiasm and tirelessly to realize the deliverables. All our work, of course, comes with full technical support of applications.


IOS application for business means:

  • The mobile application will be accessible to the client 24 hours a day.
  • New channel for advertising.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Automation of business processes of the company.
  • Competitive advantage.

How do we make your business successful?

Having started developing an iOS app, we analyze what the users would like or need, and we offer our own version. Therefore, the creation of an application for iOS begins with the analysis of existing applications and research of user needs. Paying specific attention to the reviews, we work on improving user interaction with the application.

Flexible development according to Scrum

We use the flexible development methodology called Scrum. Development for ios (Ipad, Iphone) is carried out by short iterations, thus you have control over the process.

  • All tasks are collected in one document and evaluated (backlog).
  • They are divided into sprints (temporary stretches, which last for 1 week in our team).
  • After each sprint, the result is demonstrated to the client ("demo").
  • You have control over which tasks are started, the stage of ios app development, and you can try to "feel" the result after each sprint. You determine the priority of tasks and approve the deadline with the project manager. After the work is done, we make a report and transfer the source code to your repository.

ios development app

We listen and test

The development process is built to create highly demanded IT products. (

In order to achieve this:

  • We conduct interviews with users at the design stage.
  • Having launched the application, we collect feedback and suggestions, which help us create a list of improvements. We then carry out tests of the applications in real conditions.

iphone apps create

Application publishing

We help with the publication of created app for IOS.

We register an account, take screenshots and create a bright icon as well as prepare the description and keywords. We follow Apple rules for publication.

We accompany each publication through the stage of checking the applications by the moderators. The creation of iOS applications ends up with the release. Next, the team participates in updating and finalizing the application.

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Best UX

The development of mobile applications must meet Apple requirements. So, as we develop ios apps, we pay close attention to native patterns in the interface for all application designs.

The user quickly understands the interface and finds the required functions. In our iphone and ipad applications we create the animation that helps in navigation as well as makes your application interacting experience unique.

develop iphone apps

Our unique approach

  • We always begin creating an iPhone app with the study of existing applications, analyzing how convenient and functional they are. We pay attention to what people are looking for and how they formulate requests.
  • We carefully approach the development of the interface of iphone and ipad apps. Whether the apple mobile application becomes an addition to an existing site or it is a separate product, the main criterion is convenience and user usability.
  • We put a particular emphasis on the application design. We take into account that each version of iOS has its own demands towards the design.
  • We devote a lot of time to testing. Only those applications for Ipad and Iphone, which we are absolutely sure of, are released onto the market.
  • We take into account AppStore requirements for applications. We accompany the application during the moderators verification.

to create apps for iphone in WOXAPP

What does creation iphone apps in WOXAPP mean?

It means detailed business
analysis of the project and
further technical support.

We provide technical support for the iphone application. The Apple platform is regularly updated, thus technical support is required to assure correct application work, running on new firmware.



Which devices are covered for iOS app development?

IPhone app development

IPhone app development

iPhone mobile application development has its own characteristics.

Firstly, it is the feature of the platform since each version of iOS has its own demands towards the design. Secondly, there is a demanding target audience.

IPad app development

iPad app development

Developing a mobile application for the iPad not only solves business tasks, but also satisfies multimedia needs of the target audience: reading books, watching videos, surfing the Internet and other tasks.


Stages of iPhone application development:


The uniqueness of our approach is that the creation of an iOS application begins with the work of the UX-designer. We perform the analysis of the market and the target audience, we look at search requests, reviews and ratings. As a result, the customer receives analysis of the market, competitors, target audience and positioning of the application.
Without this stage and its’ results, quality development of iOS application is impossible!

Project design

At the prototyping stage we are looking for answers to such questions as: What need will the future application satisfy? What should be its functionality? What do users actually need?
When the business tasks are clear, we think over scenarios of user interaction with the application, design the application architecture and create a prototype.

UI design

We make the design of all screens and views of the elements. We use Apple recommendations to design the application. We create a convenient and functional design.

Development app for Iphone and testing

Having the design, a prototype and a technical task, we proceed to develop the application. In such an area as programming for iOS, Apple dictates its own rules. When developing the application functionality, we take into account the features of the platform. Particular emphasis is placed on testing the application and correcting errors. To do this, we have several different mobile devices in the company. We believe that only good quality product should go to the market.

Market placement

After the application has been tested and all the bugs have been fixed, we place the ipad mobile application into the AppStore.

Project cost calculation

How is the application development cost calculated? The price depends on the following factors:

  • Development time.
  • Complexity of design.
  • Functionality of the application.
  • Compliance with the mobile application requirements when published in the AppStore.

What are the guarantees and terms of payment?

We conclude a contract with all our guarantees, where each stage of work is stated. In addition, you can contact the experts working on your application at any time.

Why choose us?

  • Our work is transparent. You know everything we do in smallest details.
  • Convenient step-by-step payment and affordable prices for iPhone application development.
  • Do not hesitate, calculate the exact cost of iPhone mobile app development now.

Requirements of our clients at the project evaluation stage:

  • Successful experience in developing projects for medium and large businesses.
  • Business expertise in the development of start-ups.
  • A team of min 7 specialists in the development of an application or a website.
  • Unique approach - no standard solutions.
  • Terms - development is minimum 3 months.
  • Transparent control system and flexibility in development.

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